Faker pulls off high-IQ Flash prediction in T1’s round-one victory over Afreeca Freecs

The team would go on to lose the series, however.

Photo via Riot Games

Faker added another play to his highlight reel today.

The top-tier mid laner landed a beautiful Flash prediction on Afreeca Freecs jungler Spirit during the first match of their best-of-three. The play was a spectacular display of high IQ expected from Faker, helping his team win a teamfight and eventually the game.

As the teamfight broke out, Spirit’s Elise bee-lined for Faker’s Orianna. But with the majority of Afreeca Freecs zoned off by Teddy’s Miss Fortune ultimate, the Unkillable Demon King had a favorable one-on-one.

Spirit attempted to buy time by using Zhonya’s Hourglass, but that only helped Faker make his decision. Rather than placing Ori’s ball on the spot that Spirit was invulnerable and frozen, Faker perfectly timed it over the nearby wall. As soon as the enemy jungler’s Zhonya’s was over, he flashed right into Faker’s spell and got taken out immediately.

While T1 went on to win this game decidedly, Afreeca Freecs won the series and scored a major upset against the elite team. T1 couldn’t elbow their way to first place this week, and currently sit under Gen.G Esports.

But the series wasn’t a complete disappointment for Faker. The veteran mid laner managed to snag his 2,000th kill in the LCK in game two of the series, the first player to reach that milestone.