Faker furious after pentakill stolen by T1 teammate Oner

The legendary mid laner was not pleased with his teammate.

Photo via Riot Games

It’s impossible to find a League of Legends player who’s not furious when their pentakill gets stolen. Scoring all five kills in a short amount of time is one of the best feelings in the game.

It shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that legendary mid laner, Faker, also isn’t a fan of situations like these, as seen in a recent clip from T1’s recent LCK 2022 Spring Split match against Kwangdong Freecs on Jan. 12.

TI, the Worlds 2021 semifinalists, faced Kwangdong Freecs on the opening day of the LCK season in a best-of-three series. T1 were the heavy favorites of the match, but former T1 player Teddy and his new squad were eager to spoil the start of the split for his former team.

Teddy’s hopes of upsetting T1 were quickly destroyed, though, when Faker’s team stomped them to the ground. Kwangdong Freecs lost 0-2. While they stood their ground in game one, they failed to make up lost ground in game two.

In the second game of the series, Faker had the chance to claim a pentakill, which would have been the first of the season.

In the clip posted above, Faker had already eliminated Teddy, FATE, and Kiin, and was ready and primed to bag himself the two final kills and claim the pentakill. But his teammate, Oner, decided to spoil the fun for the player. The young jungler followed through on Ellim’s Lee Sin and mistakenly stole the kill from Faker.

“Sorry,” the jungler said to Faker following the ace, which can be seen in a TikTok video shared by T1. In response, Faker jokingly threw a few skill shots in the player’s direction to show his disapproval of the blatant kill steal.

The player was furious for a second but quickly brushed off the kill steal and made light of the situation.

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