DWG KIA get revenge against Fredit BRION in 2021 LCK Spring Split, extend win streak to 11

BeryL and Khan showed up huge today, helping DK get their revenge with two quick matches.

Photo via Riot Games

Today’s 2021 LCK Spring Split schedule featured a highly-anticipated matchup between Fredit BRION and DWG KIA. While DK have been demolishing their opposition throughout the season, their only loss so far came to BRO in January.

The rematch was fierce, and while BRO tried to hand DK their second loss, they were unable to do so. The 2020 League of Legends world champions showed up in much-improved form today compared to their last match. DK made quick work of their opponents, winning the 2-0 series with two fast games following a dominant performance from the entire roster.

The MVP votes were picked up by BeryL and Khan for their outstanding performances on Gragas and Sion, respectively. Support BeryL used Gragas in the first game to deny multiple kill opportunities from his opponents, on top of having amazing map coverage and teamfight presence. Khan picked up Sion to become an unkillable machine, doing the most damage in the game on a tank while also receiving the most damage as well. His Sion is banned by most teams due to this. He exerts too much pressure compared to a regular bruiser, while also being a huge frontline for his team.

In the first game of this series, BRO put up a good fight against the 2020 world champions. They secured early leads and neutral objectives but fell behind in vision coverage and farm. This came back to bite them once DK reached their power spikes and started steamrolling through BRO’s composition. After picking up a second Baron, DK finished the first game in 36 minutes.

The second game showcased a much more dominant DK, who controlled the pace of the game from start to finish. BRO weren’t able to show up this time and their composition couldn’t deal with Khan’s Sion, who demolished them in the later stages. With no answer to the powerful tank, BRO bled out, losing the match and the series.

Following this victory, DK (13-1) remain in first place in the 2021 LCK Spring Split standings. They have a decent lead of three wins compared over Gen.G, who’s in second.

With only a handful of matches remaining, it’s unlikely that DK will be dethroned before the end of this split. DK will be back on the Rift on Sunday, March 14 with what looks to be a straightforward match against Nongshim RedForce.

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