Best Ashe support build in League

Ashe is back, but not as an ADC.

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Rejoice ARAM lovers—the ever-annoying poke Ashe support build has surged onto Summoner’s Rift and has given the popular marksman champion new life in an unintended role.

Although one of the oldest champions in League of Legends, Ashe has withstood constant changes in the meta due to the sheer amount of crowd control she has in her kit, near incomparable for an ADC. With items like Imperial Mandate and Muramana, Ashe can spam these slowing abilities, including her ultimate with near-limitless range, almost without cooldowns, thus enabling her allies to capitalize and catapult her to the top of the current support meta seemingly out of nowhere.

While Ashe support may not last in the meta for too long, she currently sits near the top alongside more standard supports like Janna and Yuumi. Though she doesn’t have access to healing or shielding, being able to spam her abilities with their plentiful slows makes Ashe an oppressive support option from the second she gets into lane, only worsening for enemies as the game continues.

Here is the best build for Ashe support in League.

Best runes for Ashe support in League

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Arcane Comet: Ashe support plays similar to a poke mage in that she constantly uses her basic attacks and abilities in lane to deny access to farm for her opponents. With Arcane Comet, the damage from Ashe’s W becomes oppressive from the beginning of the laning phase. This keystone has a cooldown that decreases as the game progresses, which pairs novelty with how often Ashe will use her W in the late-game.

Manaflow Band: Ashe suffers from hefty mana costs, mainly due to her intended status as an ADC, where she isn’t using her abilities as much as she will be in this role. While getting hold of an early Tear of the Goddess mitigates many of these issues, bringing Manaflow Band ensures that Ashe has just enough mana in dire situations.

Transcendence: Ability haste is the crux of what makes Ashe support so frustrating to play against. Opting for Transcendence will give Ashe a bit of haste as soon as the game begins, increasing as she gains levels up to level 11, where the rune will reward her handsomely for champion takedowns.

Scorch: When paired with Arcane Comet, this rune almost always pressures enemies to the point where they’ll have no choice but to back up or suffer further damage from Ashe’s allies. Its ten-second cooldown is a bit unreliable, but it will significantly help Ashe and her laning partner when available.


Cheap Shot: Nearly all of Ashe’s abilities can proc Cheap Shot due to her passive, which already has Cheap Shot built into it. Since Ashe won’t be building an influx of damage items in the support role, runes like Cheap Shot help to capitalize on what she already has innately in her kit.

Ultimate Hunter: While Ashe’s W is certainly a large factor in why she’s been played more as a support, her ultimate’s usefulness truly allows this pick to shine. With Ultimate Hunter and the ability haste Ashe will have from her other runes and items, she can shoot an arrow across the map nearly every 20 seconds at max rank, stunning enemies for long periods of time and opening room for uncontested takedowns from her allies.

Bonuses: +9 adaptive force, +9 adaptive force, +6 armor

Best starting items for Ashe

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Spectral Sickle: Nearly all of Ashe’s abilities scale with AD, making Spectral Sickle the best option for her support item. When fully stacked with accrued gold, the item will provide Ashe with several wards that pair nicely with the vision granted through her E.

Health Potions: Ashe has low base HP, even after the recent durability changes. While she may not fall as quickly as before, she has no way to innately heal herself, making health potions crucial to surviving the early game.

Stealth Ward: Unlike her normal role as an ADC, Ashe support wants to place wards. Between Stealth Wards, Control Wards, and her E ability, Ashe must ensure that her allies have an adequate vision for objectives.

Tear of the Goddess: This item should be the first thing Ashe buys when she backs. With how vital Manamune and Muramana are to the success of Ashe support, she will want to begin stacking a Tear of the Goddess as soon as possible, giving her more mana in the early game and decreasing the time needed to fully upgrade.

Best core items for Ashe

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Imperial Mandate: Nearly all of Ashe’s abilities and attacks slow her foes. Since she won’t be building efficient amounts of damage to take down enemies, Imperial Mandate lets allies take advantage of slowed enemies, causing even more damage while Ashe ensures they cannot escape.

Manamune/Muramana: Support Ashe wants her hands on a Muramana as fast as possible. Not only does this item give her a large amount of mana and ability haste so that she can spam her abilities freely, it also provides her with bonus AD based on how much mana she has to compensate for the lack of damage items she builds in this role.

Umbral Glaive: Though nerfed, Umbral Glaive continues to be one of the strongest items in the game. Ashe may not benefit too greatly from the increased Lethality the item provides, but its ability to detect wards ensures that Ashe is the support maintaining the most vision on the map, not her lane opponent.

Chempunk Chainsword: Grievous Wounds was nerfed hard in Patch 12.11, yet healing continues to be a giant issue, particularly in the bot lane. Building an item like Chempunk Chainsword with Grievous Wounds may not be as efficient as it once was, but it lets Ashe and her allies deal with problems like Soraka and Yuumi.

Best late-game items for Ashe

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Black Cleaver: Depending on the opposing team composition, players may want some armor penetration to take care of high-armor foes. This item should not be prioritized as most top laners and junglers use it more efficiently, but if necessary, it can be bought on Ashe.

Axiom Arc: More ultimates, fewer problems. Axiom Arc rewards Ashe support with huge cooldown resets on her ultimate for assisting in takedowns, letting her shoot her Enchanted Crystal Arrow even more than this support build normally allows her. Due to the cost of this item, it should be reserved for Ashe’s last item slot.