Best ARAM champions in League of Legends Patch 11.15

Run the Howling Abyss with these five champions.

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ARAM fans may have noticed their favorite champion might not be the strongest after a couple of nerfs to their damage, healing, or damage taken. Champions are frequently rising and swapping places to the top of the list in ARAM, only to see nerfs in the following patch to reassess their strengths in the single-lane game mode.

We analyzed the champions with the highest win rates for this mode across all regions to ensure you have an idea of which champion to pick if you want to become the best ARAM player in the world. The data provided for the analysis is from League stats website


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Sett, the Boss is the best performing ARAM champion with a 56.29 percent winrate out of 216,081 matches. He is very tanky and can unleash a lot of true damage against his opponents that will constantly stack up his Grit resource. One of the best aspects of Sett is that he can wipe the entire opposing team if he gets a good ultimate on a beefy champion.


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Seraphine is the best support you could hope for in this game mode. She provides a lot of healing, shielding, and a great ultimate to dominate fights. She is easy to play and rocks a 55.54 percent win rate out of 183,776 games. You’ll be the main reason for your opponents to delay their core build to build anti-healing items.


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Lillia is a great champion to play with after her latest buffs. She has a 55.17 percent win rate in 150,212 games. She does a lot of damage over time due to her core items, Liandry’s Anguish and Demonic Embrace. Plus, Lillia is hard to kill because of Omnivamp from the Ravenous Hunter rune in the Domination tree. The best part of Lillia is her ultimate that can put entire teams to Sleep, giving your team enough time to prepare a huge engage.


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Kog’Maw is a fun champion to play in ARAM with two viable build paths, picking AD or AP depending on your team composition. He can chunk down tanky champions with ease, and two-tap squishy ones easily. He has a 55.03 percent win rate in 173,195 games.


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Vel’Koz is one of the best mages you can get due to his huge range. You can sit behind and unleash a huge amount of damage while the opposing team is busy dealing with your teammates. He currently has a 54.94 percent win rate out of 384,478 matches.