Best ARAM champions in League of Legends Patch 9.24

Run the Howling Abyss with these five champions.

Image via Riot Games

ARAM fans may have noticed their favorite League of Legends game mode has changed quite a bit over the past few months. Champions are frequently rising to the top of the list of best ARAM picks only to see nerfs in the following patch to reassess their strengths in the single-lane game mode.

Given the balance updates included with the most recent preseason patch, here are five of the best ARAM champions.

5) Sona

Image via Riot Games

Despite the changes Sona has received over the past few patches, the Maven of the String remains a strong ARAM pick thanks to her diverse kit. With heals to help with sustain, AoE damage, and a wide stun on her ultimate, Sona is an incredibly powerful pick to take—that is, if you’re lucky enough to roll the champion in draft.

4) Maokai

Image via Riot Games

Maokai has all the right tools to become an excellent ARAM pick. From the heal on his passive Sap Magic, to the AoE damage from his Saplings, Maokai has both the sustain and the consistent poke to succeed in this game mode. Likewise, his lane-wide ultimate ability, Nature’s Grasp, serves as a fool-proof engage option to set teammates up for easy picks. Building tanky is probably the way to go, seeing how easy it is to be poked down by skill-shot mages and ranged marksmen.

3) Ziggs

Image via Riot Games

Simple skill-shot mages always tend to dominate ARAM due to the game mode’s single-lane nature, and Ziggs is no different. The Hexplosives Expert has access to minor crowd control options in his Satchel Charge’s (W) knockup and Hexplosive Minefield (E) slow, which can be paired with other champions like Yasuo for full effect. His massive radius on his ultimate makes the ability easy to land in teamfights, and his Bouncing Bomb (Q) is sure to connect with five opponents pacing back-and-forth in the same lane. Just make sure to take Clarity before the match begins for that extra bit of mana restore.  

2) Swain

Image via Riot Games

Crowd control is one of the most useful tools in ARAM, and Swain’s Nevermove (E) is incredibly valuable in the single-lane game mode thanks to its rooting effect. The Noxian Grand General can pull enemies towards him with his passive, Ravenous Flock, giving his teammates a window to go all-in. There’s no need to worry about health or mana regen since Swain heals from his passive every time he collects a soul fragment after landing a spell or pulling an enemy closer.

1) Teemo

Image via Riot Games

Teemo topped ARAM’s power rankings after the 9.24 patch, according to League’s principal game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer—and it’s easy to see why. The champion’s mushrooms come in as quite the surprise for unsuspecting opponents looking to snag a quick health pack. Similarly, the ability’s slow and spread can pack a powerful punch in the chaos of a teamfight, and Teemo’s blind serves as a useful tool for any opponent trying to target your teammates.