Best ARAM champions in League of Legends Patch 12.15

Run the Howling Abyss with these five champions.

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In every new League of Legends patch, some champions get buffed while others get nerfed. Some of these adjustments are minor, but others can sometimes have a significant impact. Nevertheless, even a small change can shift the dynamic of a champion, especially when it comes to ARAM.

We analyzed the champions with the highest win rates in ARAM across all regions to give you a better understanding of the game mode. The data provided for this analysis is courtesy of League stats website U.GG.

Here are the best ARAM champions in League Patch 12.15.

Best ARAM champions in Patch 12.15


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For another patch, Swain continues to reign as one of the best champions in ARAM. The recent update didn’t change him at all, so it should be to no one’s surprise that he’s still a tremendous pick in the game mode. He currently boasts an eye-watering 58.15 percent win rate.


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Singed received minor buffs to two of his abilities in the latest patch— his passive and ultimate. He now gets a slightly higher movement speed when passing by his allies, and more bonus stats when launching his Insanity Potion. These changes allowed him to climb the ARAM ladders. Right now, he has a 57.40 percent win rate.


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Heimerdinger continues to be one of the greatest picks in ARAM due to his ability to navigate teamfights. In the end, it’s tough to engage or escape with your life when you constantly have to go through Heimerdinger’s turrets and you have rockets flying over your head. He currently has a 56.93 percent win rate.

Renata Glasc

Admiral Glasc from League of Legends.
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In a mode where there are no opportunities to return to base and replenish your health, champions who have AoE ultimates can make a huge difference. Renata Glasc is one of them. Currently, she has a 56.66 percent win rate.


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Seraphine is the last new addition to the list, climbing to a 54.94 percent win rate in ARAM. The reasons behind her strength are similar to Renata and Swain. Her abilities are great for poking enemies, she can heal her allies, and her ultimate is a pain in the neck for the enemy team.