Earthrune Skarner VGU splash
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Best LoL champions in Patch 14.10

Conquer Summoner's Rift with these power picks.

With nearly 170 champions on the League of Legends roster, there will always be some that are just stronger than others, which means players are constantly looking for the very best champs to win ranked games with.

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That remains true in season 14, especially after the huge item overhaul and the major Summoner’s Rift revamp heading into 2024. Even early on, powerful new picks started to emerge, with many quickly hitting incredible win rates.

Here are the 10 best League champions to play in Patch 14.10 so far.

Best League champs in Patch 14.10

Top lane


Camille sitting on a frozen throne.
Don’t mess with her. Image via Riot Games

Camille has emerged as a truly perilous pick for the top lane. The AD champion possesses a kit that allows her to be extremely mobile and handle a lot of top laners in one-vs-one scenarios. Besides, she’s a true late-game monster. If you don’t shut her down early, she’s going to be a real problem.


Irelia standing with her blades levitating around her.
If you got the skills, you can outplay almost anyone. Image via Riot Games

Irelia is back on the list with the release of Patch 14.10. She was okay in the previous update, however, the broad adjustments to items elevated her to the top again. She’s not for everyone since if you don’t have the mechanical prowess, you won’t be able to carry games on her. On the other hand, if you get the hang Irelia, she can easily outplay almost every champion on Summoner’s Rift and earn you some satisfying wins.



Rek'Sai standing on a hill and screaming.
The queen of the jungle reigns supreme. Image via Riot Games

Rek’Sai may seem boring to play initially, but once you get the hang of her kit, she can single-handedly win you games. With her Burrow mechanic, roaming and ganking as Rek’Sai couldn’t have been easier, though it requires a proper game sense and mechanics. All in all, though, she’s a perilous pick in the current jungle meta.


Base Skarner VGU splash
Skarner is stronger and more popular than ever. Image via Riot Games

Another jungler in Patch 14.10 who’s just too strong to ignore right now is Skarner. His early and mid-game burst is unmatched in League after his rework. Fortunately, it looks like he’s going nowhere since Riot isn’t planning any nerfs to him in the upcoming Patch 14.10.

Mid lane

Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate throwing cards.
Pick a card. Image via Riot Games

Throughout the years, Twisted Fate has been picked in many roles with great effect. This patch, he returns to his roots in the mid lane. His mobility, damage, and ability to roam and navigate teamfights make him an all-around strong pick for the position.


Cassiopeia sitting, surrounded by a purple smoke in the shape of snakes.
Cassiopeia’s damage is often too much for enemies to handle. Image via Riot Games

Similarly to Irelia, Cassiopeia started dominating the mid lane following Patch 14.10 changes, for example to Blackfire Torch, which is now her core item. At the time of writing, she’s boasting a jaw-dropping 55.61 percent win rate in Emerald+ ranks, according to U.GG. With her AoE-oriented kit, Cassiopeia players should focus on proper positioning in teamfights so they can maximize the damage.

Bot lane


Jinx firing her gun in a bar.
She wreaks havoc on a party and on Summoner’s Rift. Image via Riot Games

Jinx has been in the spotlight a lot lately due to her incredible prowess in the bottom lane. In season 14, she managed to dodge the nerf hammer so far, with only one minor tweak to her ultimate in the latest update. Nevertheless, Jinx is a true hypercarry champion, capable of becoming a tool of total destruction if you scale long enough.


Kog'Maw swimming in the depths.
The hypercarry is dominating again. Image via Riot Games

In Patch 14.5, besides Smolder, one ADC has snuck his way into the list—Kog’Maw. And in Patch 14.10, nothing has changed. Unlike the little dragon, the Void champion is still standing in solo queue. Similarly to Jinx or any other strong ADC nowadays, Kog’Maw scales incredibly well and only gets stronger as the game goes on.



Taric holding his hammer, with crystals levitating around him.
Taric is one of the most versatile picks. Image via Riot Games

Taric received small changes at the start of season 14, but he’s still incredibly strong in Patch 14.10. In a meta of scaling ADCs who require a lot of protection early on, Taric fills the role quite perfectly. His crowd control and shielding allow his allies to truly spread their wings after they leave the bottom lane.


Leona swinging her sword and charging in with shield up front.
Leona is back in the roster. Image via Riot Games

There are a few supports who can easily overwhelm opponents with the amount of crowd control they possess. Leona is leading the race in that regard. With three stuns, she’s an unmatched support when you’re looking for an aggressive champion to complete your team composition.

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