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Best Ahri build in League of Legends

"Don't you trust me?"

Ahri offers League of Legends players the opportunity to deal incredible damage quickly. The Nine-Tailed Fox is a champion that can be difficult to master, but once you get the hang of her kit, she has the potential to be lethal. 

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Although she’s already played a lot in both the competitive scene and in solo queue, Ahri is expected to gain even more popularity, for better and for worse. Ahri is part of the controversial Faker Hall of Legends skin line, which can cost over $400 at most.

Much like other champions in League, Ahri utilizes different items depending on her situation in the game. However, there are still core items that will maximize the player’s chances of finding success with the mid-lane champion.

Here’s the best Ahri build for League Patch 14.11, along with some situational items to help you along the way.


The runes Ahri players should use in League of Legends
Use these runes. Screenshot by Dot Esports


Electrocute:  Electrocute is the ultimate rune choice for Ahri as she can easily proc it with her W, which launches three fox-fires quickly at the enemy. Additionally, Ahri’s Q can easily apply Electrocute as it counts as two attacks, meaning a simple auto attack is all you will need. The later you go into the game, the more damage Electrocute will do to squishy targets.

Taste of Blood: Taste of Blood combines well with Ahri’s passive, which heals her. Taste of Blood works similarly as Ahri will heal every time she deals damage to an enemy champion with the Taste of Blood rune equipped. On top of that, Taste of Blood has a short cooldown of 20 seconds, meaning she can potentially heal multiple times within one teamfight.

Eyeball Collection: Ahri is an amazing roamer, making Eyeball Collection the optimal choice here. Eyeball Collection grants you an eyeball for every champion takedown, granting you additional Adaptive Damage per eyeball collected. Once you reach 10, you’ll earn even more Adaptive Damage (+6 AD or +10 AP).

Ultimate Hunter: With Ahri, you want to be able to use your abilities as much as possible. This is why Ultimate Hunter is a great rune choice. Ultimate Hunter grants you +6 Ability Haste and an additional five per Bounty stack. Bounty Hunter stacks are acquired after each individual champion takedown.


Manaflow Band: With Ahri constantly needing to use her abilities, Manaflow Band will help that need. Every time you damage an enemy champion, your Mana is increased by 25. This stacks up to 250. Once you reach 250, you will restore one percent of missing Mana every five seconds. The cooldown for Manaflow Band is 15 seconds, meaning you will constantly restore Mana if you time it well.

Transcendence: You can never have too much Ability Haste. Transcendence is a very simple rune. At levels five and eight, you will gain + 5 Ability Haste. At level 11, upon champion takedown, reduce the remaining cooldown of basic abilities by 20 percent.

Bonuses: For the bonus statistics, players should run +10 percent Attack Speed, +9 Adaptive Force, and +10 to 180 Health, which are scaled based on your level.

Starting items

Doran’s Ring

Doran’s Ring is the current best-starting item for Ahri in League. This item is essential for Ahri to get through the early laning phase due to her high mana cost and awkward auto attack. Doran’s Ring will provide the extra Attack Damage needed to get through that difficult period and scale nicely into your first item. Restoring Mana every second will allow Ahri to stay in the lane longer and get to her first component, the Lost Chapter.

Core items


Malignance has been Ahri’s core item since its introduction this year. Malignance burns the ground beneath you when you damage an enemy champion with your ultimate. This is perfect for Ahri because her ultimate procs the Malignance passive every time she dashes forward. Every time Ahri dashes forward, she deals damage from her ultimate, the Malignance burn, and enemy Magic Resistance is also reduced. 

Horizon Focus

Horizon Focus is an amazing item, and Ahri players love it—for good reason. The passive for Horizon Focus goes like this: Damaging a champion with non-target abilities at over 600 range reveals the enemy champion and increases the amount of damage taken from you. This is wonderful for Ahri, whose abilities are all non-target and have a range of over 600.

Sorcerer’s Shoes

Sorcerer’s Shoes penetrate an enemy’s Magic Resistance and pair well with other Magic pen items.

Late-game items

Zhonya’s Hourglass

Ahri loves to be on the frontlines, so you need some protection to ensure you don’t “int.” When playing a champion like Ahri, who gets to dash around and make plays happen by herself, it is understandable for players to get a little too overconfident. This is where Zhonya’s Hourglass comes into the fold. Zhonya’s turns you golden, frozen in time for a few seconds. This item will save you more times than you can count when you do one ultimate dash too many. 


As you will be a killing machine on Ahri, Cryptbloom is an excellent item to use in the late game. Cryptblooms passive is very simple: when you take down an enemy, a nova will spawn on the enemy body, healing all allies in the surrounding area. Cryptbloom is an amazing teamfighting item and can change the game thanks to healing up you and your teammates. 

Rabandon’s Deathcap

Rabandon’s Deathcap is the ultimate late-game insurance policy. You should not be looking to build this item early, no matter how far you are ahead. Malignance and Horizon Focus are far too valuable for a fed Ahri instead of the extra Ability Power Deathcap provides. Rabadon’s passive gives players +35 percent total Ability Power to all abilities. 

Situational items


If you are looking for more burst damage, Shadowflame could be built second, but only if you want to build Luden’s Companion first. Malignance benefits from Ahri’s ultimate, but Shadow Flame requires you to have burst damage, which Malignance won’t really offer in the early game. Shadowflame Critically Strikes enemies that are low on health, so ideally, you need items that can consistently burst an enemy down in the early game. 


If you are against champions with a lot of sustain, for example, Vladimir, Dr Mundo, or Soraka. Building Morellonomicon is an excellent addition to your build. This will slow their healing down tremendously. Ideally, build Oblivion Orb early and finish Morellonomicon later in the game, as the Oblivion Orb provides more than enough Grevious Wounds damage. 

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