Aphelios and Yuumi get smacked with the nerf hammer in League Patch 10.13 preview

Good riddance.

Image via Riot Games

It’s Judgment Day for two of League of Legends’ bot lane powerhouses.

League lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter previewed Patch 10.13 today, listing out the full nerf and ban list for the next update. And it’s not surprising that Aphelios and Yuumi caught Riot’s attention.

LEC fans who tuned in to Schalke 04’s matchup against Rogue this weekend got to witness Aphelios’ power firsthand. Schalke AD carry Innaxe pulled off an impressive one-vs-four, taking out two opponents and coming out of the encounter unscathed. That’s only one example of Aphelios’ strength, who’s been nerfed multiple times since his release.

It’s unclear what Riot will do to nerf Aphelios, whose overloaded kit is a nightmare for players and developers alike. Riot may target the AD carry’s lifesteal, which is further amplified by Death’s Dance—an item that’s also being nerfed for ranged champions next patch.

And Yuumi is once again on the nerf list. The Magical Cat was buffed in Patch 10.3, increasing her heal’s AP ratio and giving percent health damage to her empowered Prowling Projectile. Riot might consider lowering her damage and heal ratios a bit, especially with her prominence in competitive play.

Syndra, Ornn, Cassiopeia, and Kalista will also potentially be nerfed. And Nocturne, Yorick, Ryze, Gnar, Vi, Lucian, and Rakan are being buffed, along with AP offbuilds for Kog’Maw and Nunu.

The Patch 10.13 preview is tentative and liable to change before hitting the live servers.