All of League’s new skins hitting the Rift in Patch 9.21

Get your Halloween costumes ready.

Image via Riot Games

Halloween may still be over a week away, but League of Legends fans can begin dressing up this week with a new batch of spooky skins in Patch 9.21.

Blitzcrank, Kassadin, and Miss Fortune are all going trick-or-treating this year. The Great Steam Golem will sport a monster-themed look with the new Witch’s Brew Blitzcrank skin, while Kassadin and Miss Fortune are dressing up as a vampire and witch, respectively.

Both Witch’s Brew Blitzcrank and Count Kassadin will release in the store alongside six chromas each. Bewitching Miss Fortune, on the other hand, steps up as the lucky recipient of the Prestige Edition for this patch. The golden variant features the marksman in a white version of her Halloween skin. Fans can unlock the Prestige skin with 100 Prestige Points from the Hextech Crafting tab.

If dressing up and eating candy isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Riot Games is releasing a fifth skin this patch in celebration of League’s 10th anniversary and it’s completely free for players who sign in and play games during the 10 Days of Gifting mini event.

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Named Annie-versary, the skin features Annie with blue hair and a pair of bear ears. She carries a Teemo plushie in one hand as she skips around the Rift. Upon casting her ultimate ability, the Dark Child summons a giant Teemo-themed Tibbers equipped with mushroom brass knuckles.  

Patch 9.20 releases tomorrow morning, but like all skins, this week’s batch of cosmetics won’t go live until later in the week.

Witch’s Brew Blitzcrank

Image via Riot Games

Count Kassadin

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Bewitching Miss Fortune

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Prestige Edition Bewitching Miss Fortune

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Image via Riot Games