4 Liiv SANDBOX players test positive for COVID-19, team to field substitutes in LCK

COVID has taken a toll on the team.

Photo via Riot Games

Liiv SANDBOX’s Dove, Croco, Clozer, Ice, and head coach Micro have tested positive for COVID-19, the organization announced today. The team will play today’s LCK match against Fredit BRION with substitutes.

The surge of the virus follows numerous cases in the LCK this year. Only yesterday SANDBOX coaches PawN and Joker tested positive for the virus. The team are now practically forced to use substitutes to finish the 2022 LCK Spring Split on a high.

Lee “Envyy” Myeong-joon, Jeon “Howling” Ho-bin, Ham “HamBak” Yoo-jin, and Kang “Ten10” Joon have been called up to play today’s match. Each of these academy players, with the exception of Envyy, will be playing their first LCK game in their careers.

SANDBOX’s opponents, Fredit BRION, have also been affected by COVID-19 this week. The organization revealed yesterday that UmTi, the team’s jungler, tested positive for the virus.

Teams in the LCK have struggled with COVID-19 over the past several months. Almost every team in the league has reported positive cases in their ranks this year.

South Korea, where the league is held, is facing its biggest spike of infections since the pandemic began. Today the country recorded 327,549 new cases, according to the Ministry of Health and Welfare.