Fredit BRION’s UmTi is the latest LCK player to test positive for COVID-19

The virus continues to spread in the LCK.

Photo via Riot Games

Fredit BRION jungler Eom “UmTi” Seong-hyeon has tested positive for COVID-19, making him the latest player in the LCK to be affected by the virus.

The rest of the League of Legends squad and coaching staff have received negative test results. Nevertheless, the organization will be disinfecting the team’s practice center, house, and vehicle, according to a translation by Korizon Esports.

With UmTi unable to play, the team will most likely be forced to use substitute jungler Jeon “Raptor” Eo-jin in forthcoming matches in the 2022 LCK Spring Split. The team is set to face off against Liiv SANDBOX tomorrow, another team that have been affected by the virus. Later in the week, they are scheduled to take on T1, who are undefeated in the league.

A COVID-19 outbreak may be problematic for Fredit BRION. The team are currently in fifth place in the standings, which secures them a place in the upcoming playoffs. They still have four matches left to play until the end of the regular season, with three of them being against the top three teams, however.

Widening the gap between squads lower in the standings may be a tough nut to crack for Fredit BRION.

The LCK has faced a surge of infections in recent months. Other teams, including DRX, Gen.G, and DWG KIA have also been affected the virus.


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