3 League champions that may appear in future episodes of Arcane

Scattered Easter eggs in act one may hint at the inclusion of other notable champions in the series.

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Riot Games’ first animated Netflix series, Arcane, brings viewers into the world of League of Legends, with specific focus on the regions of Piltover and Zaun. Through the eyes of champions like Vi, Jinx, Heimerdinger, Caitlyn, and Jayce, the first three episodes of the series brought to life areas of Runeterra that have long awaited their stories to be told—but they aren’t the only notable characters from these regions.

In the established League lore, dozens of champions call either Piltover or Zaun home, and even more have ties to the regions that contribute to their character growth. Yet when looking at what we’ve seen of Arcane so far, many of these champions’ stories do not intersect with those of the champions already in the show. But when looking at hidden Easter eggs scattered throughout the show, as well as the interactive visual novel available on the RiotX Arcane website, there may be a few familiar faces that pop up during Vi and Jinx’s journeys.


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The rat with a crossbow and love for all things toxic seemed to be alluded to at the end of episode one of Arcane, with Silco demonstrating the effects that his serum had on a lab rat. Interestingly, the little lore Twitch does have appears to align with the events of the final episode of act one—making it very likely that the Plague Rat is already roaming the slums of Zaun during our protagonists’ journeys.

Twitch’s story “Do Not Engage” details the aftermath of a factory explosion, where paramedics are investigating an industrial homicide that resulted in the discovery of two survivors and six bodies—almost all of them affected by the surrounding toxin in some capacity. The only survivor capable of speech frantically warns the paramedics of nearby danger, some sort of creature roaming around the destruction that they are unable to see, identifying it as “HOMICIDAL, PSYCHOPATHIC, GIANT FREAKING RAT! IN A WAISTCOAT!”—to the dismay of the paramedics.

The victim emphasizes this rat’s love for toxins, an obsession seemingly unquenched no matter how much he has. These toxins in the destroyed factory could easily represent the serum that Silco created that enabled both the lab rat and his lackey to mutate into powerful beings that were then all destroyed as a result of the explosion from Powder at the end of act one. Yet what invalidates this theory is the mention of crossbow marks on the victims of the disaster in Twitch’s story, something that was not present in the events of the explosion in Arcane.

Nevertheless the Plague Rat’s affiliation with Zaun remains strong, and the tease at the end of episode one could indicate that he has been unleashed upon the streets of Zaun—under the nose of all of the action surrounding our main characters. In typical Twitch fashion, he may never appear before the protagonists, but the idea of him roaming around the undercity remains strong thanks to Silco’s experiments.


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In the credits of episode two, Singed is listed as a voiced character that appeared at some point in the episode. Though he has a very minor speaking role, Singed appears to be one of Silco’s lackeys hunched over his desk, researching the serum that had just been used on the lackey that confronted Vi and her friends. But what stems from Singed’s confirmed involvement in the events of Arcane is his relationship to a beast, a beast that will not stop until his never-ending thirst for blood has been adequately quenched. And that beast takes the form of Warwick, pieced together by the meticulous hand of Singed.

Warwick, once a man who found solace in the bloodshed of others, sought a new, fulfilling life, to put his years of crime behind him. In the eyes of Singed, he was the perfect candidate for one of his most gruesome experiments—thus trapping the criminal seeking to be born anew in his sinister clutches. Singed had taken away any humanity left in the beast and replaced it with toxins and machinery that he believed would bring out the true evil in a good man. 

In the RiotX Arcane interactive visual novel, players can travel to an area known as “The Lanes,” which is a segment of the undercity that viewers have gotten a taste of in Arcane. While exploring the area and its inhabitants, however, one of the few inspectable elements is massive claw marks embedded deep in a stone. Out of all of the characters that we have met in Arcane thus far, none are capable of creating such large, horrific marks with claws—but Warwick fits that definition like a glove.

While we don’t know who Warwick was originally, many fans are theorizing that Vander’s demise in the final episode of act one may signal that he turns into the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun—and the two stories share many similarities to support this. Warwick’s complete transformation triggered after he was thought to be dead, though he notably did already have many beast-like features attached to him due to Singed’s experiments. Vander remains presumably dead following the events of act one, and we know that Silco and many of his lackeys lurked nearby—potentially taking his lifeless body for Singed to work his magic.

The lore also highlights Warwick’s inability to remember his past, and the grueling pain that it results in upon attempting to locate these memories. Yet one crucial detail is emphasized: the screams of a little girl piercing his ears, calling out for some name that he doesn’t quite understand—a little girl that may be Vi or Jinx, as seen at the end of act one.

Should the theory hold true, it opens up many possibilities for a dissection and reimagination of Signed and Warwick’s respective lores that better match the events of Arcane. Regardless of if Warwick appears in this theorized form, Singed’s involvement in Silco’s plans points to the beast soon being unleashed on the streets of Zaun.


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Piltover’s families of nobles exhibit immense amounts of power over the operations in the city of innovation. Within the first act of Arcane, we meet many of these nobles and hear even more about other noble families, many of which have contributed to the success of other faces in Piltover: such as House Ferros’ hand in making Mel the “richest person in Piltover.”

House Ferros might not be recognizable to many League fans at first glance, but one of their members has been involved in countless battles on Summoner’s Rift for a number of years: Camille.

In Camille’s lore, she is said to have been the eldest surviving child of House Ferros, with much of her family being recognized for the “innovations” they touted utilizing the crystals harvested from Brackern creatures. After her family succumbs to an attack by people from Zaun desperate on knowing the family’s secrets to true innovation, Camille takes matters into her own hands with a full-body Hextech alteration that stops her aging and heightens her drive to solve what she sees as problems.

Yet because of the time it took for Camille to build her new body, it’s likely that if we do meet her, it won’t be in the form that we are familiar with. As a member and leading researcher within House Ferros, the Camille we may encounter could be much younger, working alongside her still-alive parents and younger brother to provide Piltover with the innovations it needs to call itself the “city of innovation”. 

This younger version of Camille can also be the way to further explore Mel’s character, as we know that she does find interest in the Hextech research that Jayce and Viktor had conducted, as well as is being propelled directly into her status thanks to the funding of House Ferros. Perhaps her path would even cross with Caitlyn, who up to this point we haven’t seen much of outside of her interactions with Jayce, since it’s unlikely that Camille, her status included, enables her to fly under the radar of the Piltover enforcers.

House Ferros’ influence in Arcane thus far clearly extends further than the one scene where they were mentioned, but that area of Piltover has yet to be explored. Yet as revealed in Camille’s lore, the powers that control Piltover seem to not know their limits and are willing to venture to extreme measures for the “innovations” that will bring the city success. Though she may not appear in the manner we know her, a younger Camille would offer a better look at the corruption in the city of innovation lying behind the facade of glamor.

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