Tavern Brawl Week 51

Welcome fellow Hearthstone players to Week 51 of Tavern Brawl. This is the second installment from me to you on my weekly article featuring Tavern Brawl. Fist I want to explain my title. I chose to label based on weeks of the year instead of the actual Tavern Brawl number. I hope this clears up […]

Welcome fellow Hearthstone players to Week 51 of Tavern Brawl.

This is the second installment from me to you on my weekly article featuring Tavern Brawl. Fist I want to explain my title. I chose to label based on weeks of the year instead of the actual Tavern Brawl number. I hope this clears up my reasoning for those who asked me last week in comments. Yes I do read the comments and I do add comments based on changes or what I have seen.

Last Week

I would like to give a sum up of last week’s fun play. I played Priest and Paladin for the most part. I would like to show a funny screen shot from that week:


That image was just one of many fun scenarios I experienced. The largest amount of damage I had on the table in one game with the Paladin and Murloc’s was eighty one damage in one turn. The ability to play to different characters comes from having three players in my family and being able to try different things each week.

I did manage to finish out the week with sixty seven wins and fifty nine losses which turned out to be a decent week when you figure my goal is to send the least amount of time playing but making sure to earn a free pack every day which is what I average. I have had weeks of winning fourteen packs based on quests and wins.

This Week

Week fifty one Taverns’ Brawl theme is “An encounter at the crossroads…under a manastorm. Choose a class, get random cards”. Basically the manastorm is every turn the cost of the cards in your hand change for the better from what I saw. I never saw cards cost more. I also played them as quickly as possible so I was not able to see what happened on every turn as of yet. I will play more to see. I experienced each hero played twice and the result was fifty percent across the board, basically meaning every hero went one and one. I know that is not the greatest win at fifty percent but now that wins count toward gold rewards for each player it should be a quick way to maximizing your wins for the day and earn two packs in the process since you get one pack from the first win. I am recommending try all the hero’s as I did to find your best match to get your wins quickly. Each week I am able to play the entire hero base which I do just to see what cards each hero gets. The premade decks are fun and challenging plus it’s never the same every game. I also think this improves an area of your game play to adapt each turn rather than knowing what most opponents play instead this will be random.

Deck List

This week there is not a deck list due to the decks is premade by Hearthstone. I personally like this format by having the ability to try all the hero’s and find the one that best suits my play to win as many as I can in a short period of game play. I know some prefer to make their own decks but you are locked in with that character and unable to adapt to the Meta that exists in Tavern Brawl. Like any scenario there is a Meta involved so having choices is beneficial. I thought about listing certain cards but due to the fact of being random I never saw the same cards in eighteen games played leading to a fifty percent win rate.

Game play

Keep in mind I played different hero’s but from what I saw oh my goodness. Legends are prevalent in this format with reduced mana costs. Therefore the game can actually swing from turn to turn.

I had a chillmaw in my opening hand with a Paladin, and other various legends. One game while playing the Paladin during the opening I had Chillmaw, dragon-consort which led me to believe the Paladin was Mech based and possibly dragon based but I was unable to confirm based on more games and card draw. The Priest yielded the same unknown strange card draws. I was unable to try to establish some kind of synergy or common based for the deck theme. I did oppose other Priests, Hunters, and Paladins. I played 36 six games and my opponents were that list plus Warlocks. I did not see any Druid’s, Warrior’s, Mage’s or Rogue’s. That does not mean you will not but only what I faced in my game samples. Therefore going in my choices would be Priest then Paladin to get the first win after that feel free to try them all as I did. Due to the current format for Tavern Brawl games either end quickly or extremely drawn out based on my games played. I was able to confirm cards do go up in cost but not beyond their normal casting cost. When I had legends in my opening hand they tended to go down in cost every turn until I could play them as quickly as possible. I changed my mind and decided to do a card list of the cards I saw in my opening hands. I also finally saw a Druid but have yet to see a Warrior, Rogue, or Shaman as an opponent.

My deck list will follow, but keep in mind it’s just cards I saw in my opening hands while playing various heroes. I decided to just make a list of cards I saw for my hero’s played.

Closing out this week Tavern Brawl

I hope you enjoyed my insights this week. Last week’s numbers were 481 views on my article of 5 comments made. I hope to see more comments this week. I wish to encourage all to become premium members so you can see everything immediately regardless if it is premium of free. If an article is premium only members with a premium can see them. I will keep my free as long

possible but I leave it up to the editors to decide. Membership is not that expensive considering what content you get and the writers who contribute their time to helping out all the fellow players.

Look forward to my next week’s posting on Tavern Brawl as I will give you my best insights based on experience of play that week and follow up on this week’s final numbers. I will also give updates in the comments section as they unfold.

Peace out from Texas, Happy Holidays, play Hearthstone and visit Hearthstone player’s dot com website as often as you can because there is knew information everyday on decks, play and other stuff.


After further play I have to recommend a hero …… wait for it……….LoL.


Why you ask? Because after further play and understanding of the theme it is the best option in my opinion. I came to an insight the best opening hand is the one with the highest casting cost cards because of the manastorm theme. Let me know your experience in the comments, but for now my best option is Druid.

Update 2

I just took a druid to 14 wins and 3 losses. The key seems to be the manastorm. What that means is keep the highest casting cost and or a legendary in your opening hand. Most games are quick as you can see I played one hour for this set. I will post more updates but for now go with Druid.