Sigil of Reckoning is the latest spell coming in Hearthstone’s Fractured in Alterac Valley

Devious Fel magic is on its way.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It looks like Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion has plenty of Fel magic to offer Standard players.

One of the latest cards revealed from the upcoming Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion is a Demon Hunter spell called Sigil of Reckoning.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Sigil of Reckoning is a five-cost Epic Rare Fel spell. After playing Sigil of Reckoning, at the start of your next turn, summon a random Demon from your hand. That means you’ll play Sigil of Reckoning in exchange for a major benefit one turn later.

It seems like the best way to take advantage of Sigil of Reckoning will be to manipulate your hand and then use it. You’ll want to manipulate your hand in such a way that the Demon you summon will be worthy of Sigil of Reckoning’s mana cost and wait.

You’ll likely want to summon a high-cost Demon that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get out at that point in the game. Additionally, even if you aren’t able to manipulate your hand, there’s always the benefit of a free minion summon on a given turn. Sigil of Reckoning will likely find many uses once it joins the Demon Hunter class.

You can check out all of the cards coming with Fractured in Alterac Valley when the expansion goes live on Dec. 7.