New balance changes are now live with Hearthstone Patch 23.2.2

That's a lot of buffs.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone Patch 23.2.2 is now live, introducing a plethora of changes to Standard play as well as Battlegrounds.

Patch 23.2.2 will bring nerfs, buffs, bug fixes, and more to the game. Many of the Standard balance changes target cards that are dominating the meta or have yet to find a place in it. Standard cards receiving nerfs include Drek’Thar, Multi-Strike, and Dragonbane Shot.

Cards being buffed include Xhilag’s Stalk, Harpoon Gun, Pet Collector, Azsharan Saber, Sunken Saber, Blackwater Behemoth, Whirlpool, Shadowcloth Needle, Serpent Wig, Tooth of Nefarian, SI:7 Smuggler, Wildpaw Gnoll, Tess Greymane, Hench-clan Bugler, Sira’kess Cultist, Dragged Below, Azsharan Scavenger, Sunken Scavenger, and Bloodscenet Vilefin.

In addition to the smorgasbord of Standard changes outlined above, the patch also introduced a variety of changes to Hearthstone Battlegrounds. The most in-depth change to a Hero comes in the form of an update to Fungalmancer Flurgl’s Gone Fishing Hero Power. Now, Gone Fishing will add a random Murloc to Bob’s Tavern after you sell two minions.

Alongside the changes made to Flurgl, there is a plethora of Hero Armor changes, as well as Battlegrounds minion balancing. You can check out all of the changes outlined above for Standard and Battlegrounds by heading over to the official patch notes.