Here’s the card back reward for Hearthstone’s July season

It looks tasty.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

One of the most exciting things about Hearthstone is getting to add new cosmetics to your collection.

Card backs are the most common cosmetic in Hearthstone. But just because there are a ton of card backs doesn’t make them any less unique. In addition to its uniqueness, this month’s card back looks delicious.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

This month’s card back is called Rise Up—and for good reason. The name is a play on the yeast that would be required to bake this delicious card back if it were an actual pastry. This month’s card back isn’t the only baked treat you can decorate your deck with, either. Past card backs have included depictions of cupcakes, smores, pies, and even pizza.

To earn this delicious card back, you’ll need to win five ranked games during the month of July. That’s a small price to pay for such a pretty pastry. In Hearthstone, your card back is one of the few ways you get to express yourself beyond your class and deck. A huge part of the reason why players can do this is thanks to Blizzard’s talented art team.

For those who aren’t artistically inclined to design, a card back might seem unimpressive. On the contrary, Blizzard’s artists work tediously while they pour their creativity into each card back they create.

If you’re interested in learning how card backs come to life in Hearthstone, check out this video of senior concept artist Luke Mancini designing a card back from the ground up.