Hearthstone 15.6.2 patch to address game-breaking bugs, set to launch early next week

The patch is scheduled to arrive on Monday or Tuesday.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment introduced Battlegrounds and a variety of Legendary Quests to Hearthstone’s live servers earlier in the week with the game’s 15.6 update. But with the update came a series of game-breaking bugs that the Hearthstone developer is aiming to fix by next week.

Hearthstone’s community manager Chris Attalus posted an update yesterday informing players of the bugs that have already been resolved and those that the team is looking into fixing soon.

A recent hotfix has already addressed bugs that caused spells to trigger Overkill effects and allowed Sathrovarr to target enemy minions with its Battlecry. Additionally, two bugs preventing players from obtaining new daily quests and completing the Big Boss Battle Quest have been resolved.

The Hearthstone developer is planning a 15.6.2 patch that will launch early next week—on Nov. 11 or the following day—according to Attalus. The update will fix bugs causing the Squelch function to crash players’ games and one preventing players from rerolling quests.

But there are still bugs that the team is investigating. Log-in issues, empty friends list, and glitches causing players’ decks to appear incomplete are all on Blizzard’s docket, but the developer has yet to find fixes for these problems.

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Hearthstone’s 15.6 patch launched Nov. 5 and introduced Blizzard’s take on the autobattler genre, the new Battlegrounds mode. The mode pits eight players against each other with only one winner. Battlegrounds’ open beta begins Nov. 12, but fans of the game can gain early access by watching Twitch streams in the Hearthstone category or by pre-ordering the upcoming Descent of Dragons expansion.