How to fix ‘Resource Unavailable’ error on Apple Music

Don't panic, help is on the way.

Photo via JJBers/CC BY 2.0

Apple Music is one of the most popular streaming services that thousands of music fans use daily to enjoy their favorite tunes. Sometimes, technical issues can prevent you from using the app or service, creating an annoying problem.

One issue users might encounter is the “Resource Unavailable” message when trying to enjoy a song or other media. There are a few ways around this problem and a couple of ways to check if it is a widespread issue impacting all users. 

The first thing you should do when the “Resource Unavailable” message appears is close and relaunch the Apple Music app. This will sometimes address the problem and is simple to do. If the issue remains, navigate to the settings for the next round of possible fixes. You can disable and enable Apple Music in the settings menu, which can also resolve the problem. 

Users can also revert to a previous software update in the settings if the issues started after an update. This is a more drastic step, so consider checking if it is a major outage before reverting your phone’s software to a previous version. Some users claim deleting and reinstalling the app solves the issue in some cases, so consider this option if you run out of other ideas.

The best way to check if Apple Music is down is on the Apple Support System Status page. This useful site lists dozens of Apple services, including Apple Music, the App Store, and several iCloud features. If there is a red triangle by Apple Music, there is an outage for the service, meaning the problem isn’t on your end. 

You can also check the third-party website Down Detector to see if other users are reporting or experiencing problems. This site is not associated with Apple, so remember to check official sources alongside this helpful page.