How heavy is the Nintendo Switch OLED?

You won't even notice the difference.

Image via Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch is back with an OLED screen refresh. An OLED screen means better-looking colors and it’s more of an advanced screen technology compared to LCD.

Despite the minor differences and additions, Nintendo Switch OLED only weighs 420g. The older version of the console weighted 398g, so the difference is minimal, and it should be relatively hard to notice the difference.

Nintendo Switch OLED features almost the same shape and size as the original one, just 0.1 inch longer lengthwise. The Nintendo Switch OLED’s screen is 0.8 inches bigger, increasing the screen real estate but keeping everything else similar. Considering a decent portion of the fans use their Switch on the go, keeping its weight on the lower end of the spectrum will be vital to their comfort.

A new screen isn’t the only new feature that Nintendo Switch OLED is bringing to the table, however. Alongside it, minor quality of life improvements like a LAN adapter was also added to the console, making it a better choice for gamers who may have terrible Wi-Fi.

In addition to the new screen, the Nintendo Switch OLED’s kickstand is another feature that players will appreciate. Compared to the stand of the LCD version, Nintendo Switch OLED’s kickstand feels more durable and useful. The kickstand is made of the same material as the back of the console, making it harder to notice when you aren’t using it.