Can you play Weird West on the Steam Deck?

Take the isometric fever dream of Weird West on the go.

Image via WolfEye Studios

Not every game is lucky enough to get verified on Steam Deck at release, but plenty of games are playable on Valve’s new handheld without the green checkmark. This is the case with games like Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Weird West is another new release that is playable on Steam Deck despite not having Valve’s verification. But not receiving verification means that there are a few things to look out for when booting up Weird West for the first time. In the compatibility notes on the Steam Deck Verified games list, it is noted that players will need to manually configure graphics settings, shows non-Steam Deck or mouse and keyboard controllers icons, and may require players to manually switch over to Bluetooth controllers via the Quick Access Menu.

All in all, these pitfalls aren’t too bad and are far from game-breaking. Still, if you’re looking for the perfectly polished experience of a fully verified game on Steam Deck, this may not live up to those expectations.

While you’re checking the compatibility of Weird West, it may be a good idea to scope out the rest of your library’s Steam Deck playability. To see which games in your library can be played on Steam Deck, visit the Great on Deck page or the Steam Deck Verified games list. Additionally, for those who’d prefer to get everything checked out in one go, the CheckMyDeck tool is a convenient option. Be sure to use this guide to ensure CheckMyDeck works properly.