Can you play Unturned on Steam Deck?

It might not be the best experience.

Unturned crosshair
Image: Steam

Unturned is a free-to-play indie game where players must survive against zombies and other players. Despite being created by a single person and having blocky graphics reminiscent of Minecraft, Unturned has over 24 million downloads on Steam due to its flexible playing style. There are numerous maps, and players must harvest resources to maintain their health and build weapons to fight off enemies.

This game was initially available on PC and Mac, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions coming out later. Unturned is now available on the Steam Deck, but there are some issues to look out for.

According to the game’s Steam Deck Compatibility page, “Some functionality is not accessible when using the default controller configuration, requiring the use of the touchscreen or virtual keyboard, or a community configuration. Other problems include the game: “sometimes shows mouse, keyboard, or non-Steam-Deck controller icons,” and: “Some in-game text is small and may be difficult to read.”

There’s also a message saying: ” This game does not default to external Bluetooth/USB controllers on Deck, and may require manually switching the active controller via the Quick Access Menu. The only good news is that the: “game’s default graphics configuration performs well on Steam Deck.”

Image: Steam

From the looks of things, Unturned will work on the Steam Deck, but it won’t offer the best experience. Players might have difficulty controlling the game, and the small in-game text can also be inconvenient.

To check whether games in your library are compatible with the Steam Deck, you can check out the Check my Deck or Great on deck webpages.