Can you play Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons on Steam Deck?

A tall order.

Guld Wars 2 End of Dragons
Image via ArenaNet

Coming in as the third expansion for the ever-popular Guild Wars 2 MMORPG, End of Dragons releases February 28th 2022, and fans of the series are wondering if they can take a new chapter of Tyria with them in handheld form on the Steam Deck.

Currently, players can pre-purchase End of Dragons through ArenaNet’s official website. However, at this time, a few things need to happen before End of Dragons is available on the highly anticipated Steam Deck—meaning being available on Steam to begin with.

The original Guild Wars 2—released in August 28th 2012—appears in the Steam store, albeit a planned released state is currently ‘to be announced.’ This isn’t a favorable marker for End of Dragon’s to make the port over to Steam anytime soon, given how the original game isn’t available to play there either.

Anything could happen with Valve’s big day of February 25th right around the corner, marking the release of the Steam Deck.

Valve breaks down game compatibility for the Steam Deck into four categories: Verified, Playable, Unsupported, and Unknown. If you have questions regarding the compatibility of your Steam library, the easiest way to check which games are compatible is by cross-referencing your entire library all at once. Additionally, you can follow a guide to learn how to check if your Steam library works with the Steam Deck.

So, an official announcement from ArenaNet (game developers), Valve, or Steam is warranted before End of Dragons can see the light of day on the Steam Deck.