The Steam Deck will officially launch on Feb. 25 via weekly order batches

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Image via Valve

Valve’s handheld PC, the Steam Deck, will officially launch on Feb. 25, according to a blog post posted today by Valve. The Steam Deck was originally meant to launch in December 2021 before Valve announced a two-month delay due to ongoing supply shortages.

Valve confirmed that on Feb. 25, it will send out the first batch of order emails to customers who placed reservations back in mid-July when the Steam Deck was first announced. Users had to fight through lengthy queues and various errors just to put $5 down as a reservation fee.

For users who were able to get reservations in early, they’ll receive an order email on Feb. 25 and will have three days or 72 hours to make their purchase. If they don’t or choose not to, then their reservation will be passed to the next available person. Those first recipients who purchase the Steam Deck will have theirs shipped out beginning on Feb. 28, with new order email batches to be sent each week.

If you visit the Steam Deck page on Steam’s website and log in, you can get a rough estimate of when you can expect your order to become available. Some people shouldn’t expect their Steam Deck until after Q2 2022. If you haven’t reserved a Steam Deck yet, you can’t do so right now. Additionally, you’re only eligible to receive the version you reserved months ago. The Steam Deck has three versions based on storage size, with 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB options.

Keep an eye on your email on Feb. 25 so that you don’t miss out on your portable PC from Valve.