Halo-themed Nerf guns coming later this year

The new Nerf guns are Master Chief approved.

Image via Microsoft

Fans of Halo have hoped for the opportunity to shoot a real-life Needler since the release of Halo Combat Evolved. And now, Hasbro is making that dream a possibility with the release of three Halo Nerf weapons to promote the upcoming Halo Infinite title.

Nerf versions of video game weapons isn’t a new concept. Hasbro has made Nerf gun versions of Overwatch and Fortnite weapons in the past. Halo is the latest title to receive the Nerf gun recreation and fans will be able to purchase three different weapons later this year.

The first Nerf gun is the MA40 Blaster, which is a weapon that will be featured in the upcoming Halo Infinite title. The gun will hold 10 darts and will run on four C batteries. The MA40 will be the most expensive of the three weapons with a retail price of $50.

The two other guns are smaller blasters that will both cost $10. The SPNKR is based on the UNSC missile that will fire two darts in each shot. The other blaster is based on the Needler, which has been featured in every Halo game to date. The darts won’t trace enemies like its video game counterpart, but it still features the iconic design.

Halo Infinite is set to release later this year and is rumored to be the first open-world game in the series. More information is expected to be released at E3 2020.

Fans can get their hands on these weapons on Oct. 1.