How to complete I Went I saw I conquered in Gray Zone Warfare
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Gray Zone Warfare I Went, I Saw, I Conquered III quest guide – How to neutralize hostiles at Sawmill

It's time to clear out these enemy hostiles at the Sawmill.

After completing multiple quests for Handshake at the Sawmill in Gray Zone Warfare, he wants you to return for a third time and eliminate the enemy group, making a base there. You have to neutralize the hostiles at the Sawmill for the I Went, I Saw, I Conquered III quest.

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Handshake wants you to dispatch 20 enemies at this location. Similar to other missions like this in Gray Zone Warfare, the task is relatively straightforward, but it might be tough for you to track down every enemy in that region. Some NPCs appear more often than others, and enemy players frequently wander around here. You want to avoid players as much as possible and take out the 20 NPCs before you get ambushed.

How to neutralize hostiles at Sawmill for I Went, I Saw, I Conquered III in Gray Zone Warfare

Sawmill location on Gray Zone Warfare map
You can roam the Sawmill region, and take out any NPCs walking around here. Screenshot by Dot Esports

All the enemies you need to track down for this mission will be around the Sawmill. You should be familiar with this location, having completed I Went, I Saw, I Conquered I and II, or when you worked on the When a Tree Falls quest. You can choose any of the two Echo landing zone (LZ) locations for this quest, and you should be good to go.

Your entire goal is to eliminate the NPCs wandering around this area. How you do it is entirely up to you, but starting at the Echo 1 LZ, sweeping to the north, and going south works best. You have a higher vantage point to take out these NPCs, and if you’re using a weapon with a scope and silencer in Gray Zone Warfare, it’s easier to get the jump on them before they know you’re there.

Taking out 20 NPCs can be challenging due to the number of players who frequently visit this area in Gray Zone Warfare, both allies and enemies. There’s a small house on the north side which many players miss where you can take out roughly five or six NPCs, and a lumber yard on the west side, close to the Echo 1 LZ. From there, stick to the middle of the Sawmill to draw as many enemies toward you.

If you find that other players have already taken them out, find a small corner and wait five minutes for enemies to respawn. A good way to draw their attention is to stand up and walk around, making sure they hear you. The NPCs should begin shouting at you when you get close to them, giving away their position, and you can take them out.

After eliminating all 20 NPCs, go to the closest LZ and return to Base Camp, turning in the quest to Handshake.

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