MiHoYo shows off Collei gameplay in teaser video ahead of new Genshin Impact character’s release

Only a few more days to wait.

Image via HoYoVerse

Shortly after officially announcing Collei as the next character to be introduced to Genshin Impact alongside the 3.0 update on Aug. 24, miHoYo shared a video including her gameplay, appearance, and voice lines today.

The “Sprout in the Thicket” is an archer best known to the manga readers, where she was featured a long time ago. Many fans have been waiting for her to be added to the game before she was announced.

The ranger’s bright personality and support-style abilities are shown in the video and contrast with a rather sad background story.

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This video shows her English voice lines, interpreted by Christina Costello, and uplifting music to present her abilities and support dolls, as well as her combat and moving animations.

It shows her Floral Brush and Trump-Card Kitty talents in action and then ends with a reference to Amber, who is linked to her in the game’s lore. Here are all the details about Collei’s talents.

As a four-star character, Collei will be available through two Event Wishes, which will launch with the 3.0 update on Aug. 24: Viridescent Vigil and Gentry of Hermitage. She will be introduced alongside the five-star character Tighnari.

The 3.0 update will also include the newest region Sumeru, as well as new story quests, events, rewards, and more. It will be introduced following maintenance.