Genshin Impact’s new character Tighnari finally makes his appearance

After a long wait, he's finally here.

Image via miHoYo

Genshin Impact is a massive open-world gacha-style RPG with tons of colorful characters that populate the world of Teyvat. As of today, there are over 50 characters in the game, with a new one slated to make his appearance imminently.

Tighnari, the prodigal young botany researcher has been formerly released to the game since his announcement a couple of months ago. Tighnari is a five-star bow-wielding Dendro burst damage dealer with the potential to deal massive amounts of damage over time. As is with most characters, he has access to four different talents in the game.

  • Khanda Barrier-Buster: This is Tighnari’s normal attack. He fires four consecutive shots with his bow that can also be charged up to fire a more accurate shot. This powered-up shot deals additional damage by infusing it with Dendro.
  • Vijnana-Phala Mine: This is Tighnari’s elemental attack. He throws a Vijnana Stormheart in front of him that deals AoE burst damage utilizing the full power of his Dendro. It also spawns a Vijnana-Khanda field which summons illusions to taunt the enemies around him.
  • Fashioner’s Tanglevine Shaft: Tighnari fires six Tanglevine Shafts at his enemies, each of which have tracking. Each of them does Dendro burst damage and will further splinter into smaller Tanglevine Shafts upon impact with an enemy.
  • Encyclopedic Knowledge: This is Tighnari’s passive skill which displays the location of all nearby resources that are unique to Sumeru on the mini-map.

For players interested in acquiring him, Tighnari will feature in a future wish banner on Aug. 24 along with Collei and two other unnamed characters. Each of these characters will have a boosted drop rate, so get them while you can. Further details regarding Tighnari can be found here.