WWE 2K22 MyFaction mode tips and tricks

Settle your squabbles....IN WAR GAMES!

Image via 2K.

The latest game to adopt the online card-collecting team-builder mode like Madden and FIFA‘s Ultimate Team is WWE 2K22, with the new ‘MyFaction’ mode introduced in the game’s latest annual installment.

In this mode, players collect cards featuring their favorite men’s and women’s wrestlers, from modern-day superstars to legends from decades past, each with their own archetype, ratings, skills, and move sets. Together you form a faction, consisting of two active teams of four men and four women.

There’s a handful of modes for you to explore and climb, and we’re here to give you the push you need to go from job squad to top guys.

Submission finishers for Tag Team matches

You can get Drew Gulak, a submission specialist, with the NOFLYZONE locker code. Image via 2K.

One thing you’re going to learn whether you’re in MyFaction, MyRise (the career mode), or even exhibition matches it that tag team matches can become very annoying when an opponent keeps entering the ring to break up your pinfall attempt.

You can try and time it by switching to a teammate right as your wrestler in the ring goes for a pin, but sometimes that doesn’t work and you get interrupted anyway. A great workaround for this is to have someone with a submission finisher or signature move on hand.

When your opponent is really damaged, a submission finisher (with proper button mashing) will produce a tap-out that takes much less time than a pinfall, letting you eliminate the opponent or win the match altogether before the opponent’s teammate interrupts. So, if you bank a finisher early on a submission expert, save it until later on in the match when your opponent is more hurt.

Keep track of your in-match goals

Image via 2K.

Different modes of MyFaction like the Proving Grounds towers will feature matches that reward more tokens and badges at higher difficulties, but only if you acquire enough MF points during a match. You accomplish this by completing certain objectives during a match.

No matter the match or what wrestler you use, you can earn 60 MF points during a match by completing each of the following: perform a crowd taunt, perform an opponent taunt, hit a signature move, hit a finisher move.

Each wrestler has their own set of goals too, which we’ll call attack goals, usually requiring you to hit a certain amount of a specific kind of attack: light or heavy strikes, light or heavy grapples, springboard moves, diving moves, etc. Additionally, there’s typically a goal requiring you to do extensive damage to a specific body part of an opponent.

Some Proving Grounds towers matches on Hard require a lot of in-match MF points to accomplish, so make sure to do all the attack goals for each of your wrestlers during a tag team match.

Save your ‘MF’ points

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Between the rewards you get from the first few towers and from the token market, you’ll get some decent cards to start out. The packs aren’t worth spending MF points on yet; the Superstar series only rewards up to Gold superstars, which you can get from your intro pack. You can also spend tokens on Emerald superstars too, rendering the Superstars and the Prime Time series packs both kinda useless.

Pay attention to your manager bonus

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Each manager has a style bonus, which will drastically favor one style of wrestler while also slightly favoring two other styles. Once you apply a manager, you can look at your active roster and see how they’re effected; you’ll want as many “Excellent” and “Good” ratings as you can get.