Which agency to choose in NBA 2K22 MyCareer

Learn more about the business aspect of NBA 2K22 MyCareer.

Image via Visual Concepts

NBA 2K22 players who start playing MyCareer, the popular game mode where you create your own prospect to compete in the NBA, will once again be presented with the option to choose between two different agencies to represent them throughout their journey.

You’ll have to decide to either go with the Palmer Athletic Agency or Berry and Associates in the Draft Day quest. Each agency has its own perks and it depends on what you want for your player.

Palmer Athletic Agency is an expert in the business and will tell you to just focus on playing basketball while they take care of the rest. It will get you shoe deals and other sponsorships, but given that it’s a large agency, you can be overshadowed by other names at the beginning of your career.

Berry and Associates, on the other hand, is a fairly small agency specialized in other aspects of the industry, such as music and fashion. You’ll have more freedom in developing your brand and will be the agency’s superstar, without necessarily having to be a great NBA player.

Which one is the best option?

It’s impossible to say what agency will be better for your player since it really depends on your skill and what you want for your career.

That said, the Palmer Athletic Agency is the one you want to choose if you just want to become the best NBA player in the world. You won’t have to focus on other activities and will receive a large amount of Virtual Currency (VC) if you work hard and become a great baller.

But if you want to explore other opportunities in your career aside from simply playing basketball, it’s better to pick Berry and Associates. This is the safest option if you’re not that good at NBA 2K since you’ll earn VC by doing other things such as rapping and creating your own fashion collection.

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