What’s the difference between Gran Turismo 7’s standard and anniversary editions?

Which edition of Gran Turismo 7 should you purchase?

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Gran Turismo’s newest entry in the franchise has finally been released. Many fans of the racing series have already started to explore Gran Turismo 7’s newest tracks and cars available in the game.

Out in time for the racing series’ 25th anniversary, those who have yet to purchase the game have different options to choose from. The biggest question stems from either purchasing the standard or anniversary edition of Gran Turismo 7. 

Here are the major differences offered in the anniversary edition over the standard edition of Gran Turismo 7, as well as which bonuses you’ll receive with either copy.

What is different between standard and anniversary Gran Turismo 7?

The steel bookcase of the 25th-anniversary edition. | Image via Sony

The primary difference between the standard and anniversary editions of Gran Turismo 7 relates to the physical copies of each game. The copy of the anniversary edition comes in a steel bookcase compared to the standard packaging in the standard edition. 

If you get the anniversary edition, you’ll get copies of both the PlayStation 4 and 5 versions of Gran Turismo 7. By getting both copies, you won’t have to upgrade if you happen to get a PS5 after purchasing the game.

Meanwhile, the standard edition of Gran Turismo 7 only comes with one version of the game.

Looking past just the physical differences between the two editions, there are also nice in-game bonuses that you’ll receive if you get the anniversary edition of Gran Turismo 7. The anniversary edition lets you take advantage of many in-game bonuses. Players with the anniversary edition will have the Toyota GR Yaris, the official Gran Turismo 7 soundtrack, 30 PSN Avatars with different cars, and 1.1 million starting in-game credits, a stark contrast from the starting 100,000 in the standard edition.

What will be the same?

Image via Polyphony Digital

That being said, acquiring either copy of the game will still offer some bonuses if you don’t feel like shelling out an extra $40 for the 25th-anniversary edition.

No matter which copy of the game you get, all copies will come with bonuses such as the Toyota Subra GT500 ‘97, the Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept Stealth Model, and the Porsche 917 Living Legends, all if you get it around launch. If you don’t have the extra money available to buy the anniversary edition of Gran Turismo 7, players will still receive some bonuses for purchasing the game.

Nonetheless, there’s no wrong decision. Whichever version you purchase, Gran Turismo’s newest entry is sure to ignite a spark of entertainment that will have you at the edge of your seat.

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