What is the remembrance of the grafted in Elden RIng?

This item has a special use, so think carefully before consuming it for runes.

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Remembrance of the Grafted is a consumable item awarded to players in Elden Ring. To obtain it, it’s necessary to beat Godrick, the Grafted, the big boss of Stormveil Castle and the holder of one of the shards of the Elden Ring. 

After the fight is over and Godrick is dead, Remembrance of the Grafted is automatically added to the inventory. It’s found in the Tools section.

In Elden Ring, Remembrances function much like boss souls do in the Dark Souls series. These consumable items typically have two uses: they can either be used up to get a large amount of runes, functioning as a supercharged Golden Rune consumable, or they can be converted into a special weapon or armor set. The Finger Maiden in the Roundtable Hold performs the latter service.

The Remembrance of the Grafted can make two different weapons. One is the Grafted Dragon, a fist weapon that resembles Godrick’s grafted dragon head from the second phase of his fight. It has a special fire-breathing attack called ‘Bear Witness!’ and scales with Strength, Dexterity, and Faith.

The other weapon is the Axe of Godrick, the giant axe Godrick used in the boss fight. It scales with Strength and Dexterity and has a special shockwave attack called ‘I Command Thee, Kneel!’. Players who don’t like either of these weapons can either keep the Remembrance as a souvenir of the fight or pop it like a normal Golden Rune and net an easy 20,000 runes.


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