The best M5A3 assault rifle loadout in Battlefield 2042

Assault from all ranges.

There’s nothing wrong sticking to the basics, and Battlefield newbies and veterans alike should find plenty of success in Battlefield 2042 with the “standard-issue” M5A3 assault rifle.

The M5A3 is one of your starting guns, available to use from the start and serving as the primary weapon for some of the default loadouts like the Assault Type and the Medic Type. It’s very reliable at multiple ranges, especially with the game’s ability to edit your attachments on the fly.

But there are only so many attachments you can equip on your rifle, and you should also consider other parts of your loadout. Here is the best possible loadout you can use for the M5A3 assault rifle in Battlefield 2042, in our opinion.

Best M5A3 weapon attachments

  • Sight: Fusion Holo and TV 2x
  • Barrel: Extended Barrel and 6KU Suppressor
  • Underbarrel: BCG Light Grip and Cobra Grip
  • Ammo: Extended Mag

These two sights will give you a short/medium-range and a long-range option depending on your situation. The Fusion Holo is the go-to choice for short/medium range for any assault rifle or SMG, and the 2x scope lets you hit targets further away, giving you a chance against snipers. You could easily switch out the 2x scope for something else like the 2.5x or 3x too, based on your preference.

The extended barrel is also ideal for long-range fights, giving you increased range and stability at the small cost of firing rate. For close fights on capture points, best switch to the Supressor to keep yourself quiet and off the minimap. The Light Grip increases your aim while moving, while the Cobra Grip increases your static aim. Switch when necessary.

Best M5A3 loadout options

  • Gadget: Medical Crate, Ammo Crate, or Armor Plate
  • Throwable: Frag Grenade or EMP Grenade
  • Specialist: Dependent on playstyle

Your gadget selection can and should be changed depending on your Specialist choice. For example, you wouldn’t want to select the Ammo Crate while playing as Angel, since he already has the Loadout Crate ability. But these three basic gadgets are all useful in most scenarios. If a specific enemy vehicle is giving you trouble, you can also grab a launcher.

The frag grenade is great for clearing out enemies in nests or corners. The EMP grenade, on the other hand, is an excellent tool for breaching and handicapping enemies defending or attacking a point.

The specialist choice comes down to what you prefer to do on the battlefield. Capture point defenders will find lots of use from Irish or Boris, while support players of any kind will provide plenty of help as either Falck or Angel. Forward-thinking assault specialists will thrive using Sundance or Mackay, and info gatherers will do great with Casper or Rao. All these Specialists will do fine and dandy with a trusty, outfitted M5A3 assault rifle in hand.