The Best 3-Point Shooters in NBA 2K22

Know who the sharpshooters are.

Image via NBA/2K Games

If you haven’t played NBA 2K games in the past years, you should know that hitting three-point shots is a must-know to improve your offensive arsenal.

Having a great three-point shooter in your starting lineup is the first of all steps. Many of them will lack in other regards such as dunking, playmaking, rebounding, or defending, but you must have at least one in your team. Once you get a great three-pointer, the next step is to learn his shooting mechanic to time his releases to perfections and get greens left and right.

When you know how to hit shots from the three-point line, you basically force your opponent to constantly be afraid of it, even when you’re running a play that involves a layup or a dunk in the paint. This isn’t limited to playing against your friend or online as it also occurs with the CPU.

Stephen Curry has been the best three-point shooter of the NBA for years and it’s no different in NBA 2K22. If you match against him, be sure to don’t give him any space, otherwise, you’ll be punished. But, if you are playing with the Golden State Warriors, just abuse his ridiculous shooting mechanics and put pressure on your adversary.

Steph is not the only formidable three-point shooter in the game, though. Here are the top five three-point shooters in NBA 2K22, according to their official website.

NameTeamThree-point rating
Duncan RobinsonMiami Heat90
Seth CurryPhiladelphia 76ers90
Joe HarrisBrooklyn Nets90
Klay ThompsonGolden State Warriors95
Stephen CurryGolden State Warriors99