Splatoon 3 to release on Sept. 9, new gameplay clip revealed

Save the date.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Nintendo has revealed Splatoon 3’s release date as September 9 in a new gameplay clip posted on YouTube today.

Fans have been learning more about the game over the last month with the game’s website becoming available. The initial launch date predictions indicated a Summer 2022 release, but September 9 isn’t far off from the mark.

Splatoonwill feature a new world called Splatlands, a sun-scorched desert. The core game modes will include a four-vs-four online battle and a story campaign. Customizability options will also be there, and players will have the option to design their Squid Kids according to their style.

The trailer shared by Nintendo showcases the game’s four-vs-four online game mode, where players get to battle against each other with a time limit.

Fans of the franchise will also find quite a few reminders from the past in the game. Most weapons from the previous games will be returning with fresh designs, like Big Bubbler and Killer Wail. In addition to guns, there’ll be more outfit and hairstyle choices as well, meaning Splatoon 3 can also be considered an improved and more detailed version of its predecessors.

More information regarding the game should become available up until its release date. Nintendo tends to post reveals periodically, serving as a way to build up the hype for the game until it finally releases.