How to unlock Elsa in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The Snow Queen has arrived in Dreamlight Valley!

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Disney Dreamlight Valley features a range of iconic characters players will meet while playing the game. Each character has unique questlines, and most of these quests are interrelated. The adventure life simulation game lets you befriend popular Disney characters like Merlin, Mickey, Mother Gothel, and more. One of them is Elsa, the snow Queen from Arendelle, a popular character in the Frozen movies.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players need to unlock Anna and Elsa’s realm from Dream Castle. Once that’s done, you must complete a few tasks before inviting her to Dreamlight Valley to help the residents recover from the Forgetting. Anna accepts your invitation and joins the village first. After arriving, she presents players with a quest that eventually brings Elsa to the Valley. Here’s how to unlock Elsa in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to visit the Frozen Realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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The first step to unlocking Anna and Elsa starts with players visiting Dream Castle to access the Frozen Realm. Walk up the stairs to the second floor, and select the door in the middle. Merlin shows up as you interact with the door, and players need 4,000 Dreamlight to unlock the Frozen Realm. Once unlocked, you will see the familiar Frozen icon popping up, and you can fast travel to this region. Players will first come across Anna, and you must complete The Spirits of Nature quest to start searching for Elsa.

Once that’s done, you interact with Elsa, who tasks players with the Chasing the Wind quest. You need to craft three Wind Chimes to calm the Wind Spirit for this one. Players need 3x Iron Ingots, 15x Softwood, and 3x Twine to craft a Wind Chime. Else gives the Twine, so you only need to find the other two materials. Return to the Frozen Realm after crafting the Wind Chime, and place them on three trees close to Elsa. This completes the quest, and you get to invite Anna to Dreamlight Valley.

How to complete the Icy Invitation quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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After Anna arrives in the Valley, players need to interact with her. She asks players to help convince Elsa to join the village, which is done through the Icy Invitation quest. This quest is subdivided into several parts that you need to complete one by one. The quest starts when players are asked to remove three Tree Stumps at the Forest of Valor. You need to search for Anna’s book and give it to her. Players will find the book on a shelf in the second room at Anna’s home in the Forest of Valor.

Anna finds a recipe that upgrades the Shovel tool allowing it to remove Tree Stumps. For this part of the quest, players need to collect 4x Softwood, 10x Hardwood, 4x Iron Ingots, and 3x Tinkering Parts. After collecting the materials, head to a Crafting Station and you will see the option to craft an upgraded Shovel. Return to the Forest of Valor, equip the Shovel Blade from your inventory and remove the Tree Stumps blocking the path to the Ice Cavern.

Interact with Anna near the Ice Cavern and she will ask players to click a picture of the area of Elsa. Take a picture of the Ice Cavern and return to Anna. She hands players a letter of invitation for Elsa. You need to take this to Elsa in the Frozen Realm to convince her to come to Dreamlight Valley. Once you are in the Frozen Realm, simply interact with Elsa, and she accepts the invitation.