How to make Fiber and Rope in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Who knew Seaweed could be so useful?

Image via Gameloft

Turns out that in Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are a lot of broken things around. A lot of those broken things require a repair that the residents of the Valley task the player with completing.

For almost every single repair that is asked of players, rope and fiber are required to fix whatever it is the resident needs mending. Whether it be a boat, a set of hiking gear, or a raft, you’ll need a lot of fiber and rope in your time in the Valley.

The first tip for making Fiber and Rope in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to never throw away the seaweed that you find lying around the lakes, rivers, and oceans. If you happen to fish it up, keep it in one of your chests inside your house, because even though the Seaweed will get you more than one Fiber, you’re still going to need a lot of it to help Valley residents like Mother Gothel, Goofy, and more.

Seaweed makes Fiber, and in turn, Fiber makes Rope. If you need a lot of Rope, you’ll need to do a lot of fishing in the areas where there is no fishing spot indicated.

Tips for making Fiber and Rope in Disney Dreamlight Valley fast

For the best results, head out to Dazzle Beach and make sure that you find a spot that does not have a white, blue, or golden circle near it. Those spots indicate a fish that is underwater, but you aren’t looking for fish, you’re looking for Seaweed.

You can still fish in these areas and you’ll either get one of the low-value fish, or a piece of Seaweed. One Seaweed will get you five Fiber, but some of the quests the characters give you still require a decent number of Fiber to complete it.

In addition to fishing outside of the designated areas, bring a character with you that is maxed out in the fishing category. They will sometimes double your yield, which makes the fishing process for getting Seaweed a lot less painful.

Even though one Seaweed makes a decent amount of Fiber, you’ll still need eight Fiber to make Rope, so using the tips above will save you from spending too much time wandering around trying to find it on the ground or avoiding the fishing spots that you might accidentally hit in the lakes.