How to Hit Stick in Madden 21

Every Madden player should know how to Hit Stick.

Image via EA Sports

Learning how to use the Hit Stick feature in Madden 21 properly can take your defense to the next level. The maneuver can result in a massive hit and fumbled ball, but it could also backfire and allow the offense to make a considerable gain. 

A Hit Stick requires a player to line up in front of an opposing player. Most players will take control of the defensive player in front of the opposing player they expect to have the ball. Once the play starts, move the character toward the ball carrier and move the right stick up or down to initiate a Hit Stick. 

If done correctly, the defensive player will deliver a brutal hit that can cause the ball carrier to fumble. The defense can recover the ball and turn the tides in their favor, but there’s also a risk when trying to Hit Stick an opponent. 

Using the Hit Stick doesn’t always result in a fumble, but it can still demoralize opponents with the powerful tackle. 

But if players time the Hit Stick poorly or miss the other player, they can allow the offense to make a significant gain. Make sure to Hit Stick opponents when you’re within the right distance and not at risk of letting them gain easy yards. 

Hitting offensive players with a Hit Stick can change the outcome of a game if used correctly. Add this tactic to your repertoire, but remember to use it wisely.