How to change the text color in Discord

Change up your flare in Discord

Image via Discord

Discord is one of the most popular chat platforms in the entire world and is used by millions of users every single day. While most users can go about chatting and talking in Discord in a normal manner, some users want to add some flair to the platform.

One of the easiest yet somewhat unknown ways to do this is to add text color.

Text color does exactly what it sounds like it would do; you can add different colors to what you type in Discord. However, there is no official process or plug-in to accomplish this. Instead, users have discovered a workaround that utilizes the code Discord was built on to add text color manually. The process to code text in the platform isn’t too difficult but will require several pieces of knowledge, which you can see below.

Changing text color in Discord

For starters, you can go into any chat space you want in Discord. This could be in a private message thread with a friend or in a server’s text channel. Once there, you need to press the backtick symbol three times, like so: ““`”. You need to do that, without the quotation marks, and then press “Shift+Enter” to move to the second line of the message. From here, type one of several coding commands to change the text’s color. You can see what those commands look like and all of the different colors available below.

  • Red
    • “`diff
    • – (text)
    • “`
  • Orange
    • “`css
    • [text]
    • “`
  • Yellow
    • “`fix
    • text
    • “`
  • Dark Green
    • “`bash
    • “text”
    • “`
  • Light Green
    • “`diff
    • +text
    • “`
  • Blue
    • “`ini
    • [text]
    • “`

Once you have typed in the commands, the text should turn the right color. At this point, you can press “Enter” and the text will send in a text box with the color you’ve chosen. The symbols associated with each of the commands will also appear, unfortunately, but the important thing is your text has changed color in Discord.

You can now light up chats on the platform whenever your heart desires.