Everything we know about Hyper Scape, Ubisoft’s rumored battle royale game

Ubisoft is planning to change the genre with a unique take.

Image via Ubisoft

When battle royales first started becoming a sensation, there were only a couple of players in the market. H1Z1 and PUBG were the first of many while the success of Fortnite managed to draw the attention of AAA developers. Activision introduced Blackout, and then Warzone, while EA tried its luck with Firestorm in Battlefield 5.

Ubisoft is the next to hop onto the bandwagon with its new battle royale game named Hyper Scape. Industry insider and journalist Rob “Slasher” Breslau recently shared the company was working on something big, and the official website of the game’s indicates a reveal scheduled for July 2.

Here’s everything we know about Ubisoft’s take on the battle royale genre, Hyper Scape.

Will there be a beta for Hyper Scape?

Though it’s possible for Ubisoft to drop Hyper Scape on us, like Respawn Entertainment did with Apex Legends, a close beta is expected to occur around early July.

How can you sign up for the Hyper Scape beta?

More information about Hyper Scape’s can be found on the game’s official website. It’s a straightforward process where you’ll need to enter your email and check a couple of boxes to complete it.

Don’t get your hopes that high, though, since Ubisoft didn’t release any details about the beta size, meaning the chance of anyone getting in with the first wave is currently a mystery.

There may also be an open beta right after the closed one, however, so you can get to join in on the fun before full release, after all.

When will Hyper Scape be released?

Image via Ubisoft

Though Ubisoft hasn’t issued an official release date, the only information we have about Hyper Scape’s release is from Slasher, a reputable journalist in the gaming scene. Based on his reports, fans can expect the full version of the game on July 12.

What platforms will Hyper Scape be available on?

Hyper Scape is planned to be released on both PC and consoles. The PC version will be available sooner, though, while fans can expect a console port in the following months.

Players can keep an eye on both Steam and Ubisoft Uplay to download the game since these are the platforms where hit games by Ubisoft, like Rainbow Six Siege, are available.

Will Hyper Scape come out on next-gen consoles?

The short answer is probably yes. The game is expected to be playable on consoles, but Ubisoft plans of how they’ll roll out the game are unclear at the moment.

If it becomes available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, then expecting a port shortly after next-gen consoles’ release would only be a fair expectation.

Ubisoft can also choose the play the waiting and game release the game on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, meaning they’d skip the current-gen since we’re just a couple of months away from their release periods.

Is Hyper Scape going to support cross-play?

Image via Ubisoft

This is another grey area since Ubisoft hasn’t issued a statement regarding the subject. But according to the leaks and rumors, the game is expected to support cross-play when it releases on consoles later this year.

Will Hyper Scape be free-to-play?

Hyper Scape is reportedly going to be a free-to-play game, according to Slasher. While there isn’t any information available on its possible monetization system, expecting it to have cosmetics and battle passes like Fortnite, Apex Legends, or Warzone wouldn’t be far-fetched.

What game modes will be available to play in Hyper Scape?

Image via Ubisoft

While we currently don’t know what kind of a playstyle will Hyper Scape adapt during launch or in general. The most recent battle royale releases all came out with only trios or squads available to play at launch.

Hyper Scale can also follow a similar formula and have a single game mode at launch while adding other modes as the time passes, like Warzone.

What’s special about Hyper Scape?

Each battle royale hits the market with a unique element that separates it from its competition. Fortnite has a building mechanic, Apex has its hectic gameplay, and Warzone brings the Call of Duty magic into the formula.

Though there aren’t gameplay videos of Hyper Scape, Ubisoft plans to make it unique by integrating the game heavily with Twitch. Not only will there be classic drops, but the viewers will also be able to interact with the game while a streamer is playing it, according to leaks. 

There aren’t any details on how Ubisoft plans to achieve this, but it will be interesting to see how Twitch chat will try best streamers at their own game if it becomes a reality.

This article will be updated once more information becomes available.