Elden Ring YouTuber discovers how colosseums were supposed to work

Hopefully this content appears in a future update.

Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring players have discovered multiple unused colosseums throughout the Lands Between, and a new YouTube video shows the content and enemies they originally contained. 

As reported by Lance McDonald, Elden Ring YouTuber Sekiro Dubi was able to get the colosseums “working,” discovering what the large structures originally featured. The cut content includes enemies fighting each other in arenas, which players could watch or join if they pleased. One of the locations also contains a site of grace, indicating it was originally a reachable area with a fleshed-out interior. 

It is unclear why this content was cut from Elden Ring, considering it adds fun and exciting locations with new challenges and potential rewards. The areas could’ve been cut to be saved for DLC, as they are already significantly detailed. 

A previous video from Lance Mcdonald showed how the interior of one of the colosseums looks, but this is the first time players are seeing the cut content in action. Only the best of the best would risk their lives in the fighting pits, so the bosses in these areas likely would’ve provided a significant challenge. 

Data Miners have previously discovered significant cut content that didn’t make it into the final version of the game, and these fighting pits could be part of a discarded idea. But enough groundwork is already present in the game to justify its release in a future DLC.

FromSoftware hasn’t officially announced any Elden Ring DLC, but it’s likely the massive game will receive new content in the future.