Elden Ring out-of-bounds video reveals a colosseum potentially coming in DLC

More content is likely on the way.

elden ring game pass
Image via FromSoftware

An Elden Ring player managed to get their camera into the colosseum in Limegrave, revealing a large fighting area that could be used for PvP fights in a future update or DLC. 

As reported by Eurogamer, Lance Mcdonald posted a video of the interior area of the colosseum, which is currently inaccessible. Players will be invaded by a red NPC when they enter this area and can find a spirit outside of the main door complaining about not being able to enter the large building. 

But the new video shows the inside of the building, which leads to a large open fighting pit. There are two lifts on either side and a large area for a crowd. This could be a place for PvP combat and the lifts could be the entrance for two separate players. Other players might be able to watch the action from the stands as they wait for their turn to fight. There might even be special items and weapons only available through PvP content, incentivizing players to take on their enemies. 

FromSoftware hasn’t officially revealed any Elden Ring DLC, but the massively popular game is almost guaranteed to receive new content. There are also other coliseums around the map, meaning there might be multiple spots for PvP content.

Fans will have to wait and see if the exciting new area is officially added to the game.