Does Humankind have multiplayer?

You might lose some friends in the process.

Image via SEGA

Amplitude Studios’ 4X strategy game Humankind was released on Windows and Mac OS today. And if you’re looking to play with your friends, make sure that you’re prepared to duke it out.

Humankind has the option for multiplayer games, but it’s only in the form of online player-vs-player modes.

Up to eight people can play in the same game, but there’s no option for co-op gameplay at this time.

If you’d rather not be pitted against your friends, the game does have single-player options as well, but your only chance to play in the same game as others is to compete with them.

While you might not want to play against other people online, Humankind has worked with Twitch content creators to make in-game personas that can be earned via Twitch drops. These personas are recreations of streamers that you can use as competition in case you’d rather not fight your friends.

Though the game draws many similarities to Civilization VI, there are a few key differences that you’ll notice within the first game you play.