How to get Twitch drops for Humankind

You'll be able to play against recreations of Twitch streamers.

Image via Amplitude Studios

The new real-time 4X strategy game Humankind was officially released today. As is the case with many game releases, there’s a coinciding Twitch drop promotion for players who want to watch content creators try it out.

By watching certain streamers play the game on Twitch, fans can earn the personas of content creators. Streamers involved in the campaign include CohhCarnage, Yogscast, and the official Amplitude Studios account, among others.

A Humankind “persona” is a clone of a real-life streamer in the game that will allow you to effectively play against an AI version of that content creator.

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Twitch’s official drops page, which lists all campaigns on the platform, says that players can earn a persona for The Spiffing Brit by watching 30 minutes of select streamers playing Humankind.

To be eligible for the drop, fans must create a Games2gether account and connect that account to their Twitch account. Watching enough of the game on Twitch will unlock a badge on your Games2gether account that will give you the Humankind persona.