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BTD6 Update Version 41.0: Full patch notes, listed

There's plenty of new content to enjoy.

Bloons Tower Defense 6 continues to grow each year and now we finally have the details for the first update to hit the game in 2024.

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Update 41.0 is not just the first of the year, but it’s the 40th to the game overall since it launched back in 2018, and as you’d expect a lot has changed since then. Still, there’s no slowing down, with this update absolutely jam-packed with changes, cool new additions, and more to bring the game into the current year.

There are new quests, a new Paragon, a map, and Trophy Store Items, so if you’ve taken a break from the game now is the time to jump back in and see what has changed.

Bloons TD 6 Version 41.0 patch notes

Bloons Tower Defense 6 characters facing camera
Get ready to pop some balloons. Image via Ninja Kiwi

Bloons TD 6 Update 41.0 has been live for a few days now, so if you’ve been playing the game you’ve already experienced the fixes and changes implemented. Of course, it’s always good to brush up with what’s actually new, so here’s a look at everything changed or added in this major update, courtesy of Ninja Kiwi via Steam.

New Awesome

  • New Paragon, the Nautic Siege Core!
    • Starting the new year with a Paragon was a push for the team, especially alongside the launch of BTD6+ on Vision Pro, but we’re really happy with how the versatility has turned out, as the Monkey Sub Paragon provides assistance in different ways depending on its current form.
    • Unsubmerged the Sub utilizes powerful missile attacks, launching powerful pre-emptive AoE missiles at every target to spawn, while unloading a barrage of airburst rockets at anything it, or any of your other towers, can see. Advanced Intel insanity is super fun.
    • While Submerged the sub attacks with a radiation aura that obliterates a huge number of smaller targets with ease, but the main uses in this form are the massive damage and pierce buffs to all Heroes and other Subs within radius. Really hoping to encourage some fun placement synergies here.
    • At all times Submerged or not, the Final Strike ability can be called on to unleash devastation. That really should be capital “D” Devastation.
  • New Map, Sulphur Springs
    • We’ve had fun roundabout maps in BTD5 and we harken to that around a different visual theme than usual and effort behind specific placement locations.
  • New Quests
    • Pat Fusty Hero Test
    • Psi Hero Test
    • MOAB Madness – still great and even better
  • New Trophy Store Items
    • Heroes: Benjamin pet – it’s a mouse of course! Yes, we couldn’t resist.
    • Bloons: MOAB Bee skin, because, well, bees
    • Game and UI: Dread Rising avatar (Dreadbloon), Year of the Wood Dragon profile banner
  • Limited Time only
    • Powers: Pontoon Chocolate Bar
    • Avatar: Flower Friends Corvus
  • New CT Team Store items
    • Base Props: Wizard Apprentice prop
    • Team Banners: Monkey Squad banner
    • Icons: Year of the Dragon icon, Cheeping Chick icon
    • Frames: Year of the Dragon frame, Bees N’ Flowers frame

Game Changes/Additions

  • Much requested, Apopalypse Mode now grants end-of-round cash. We’ve agreed that start strategies feel too limited, especially on harder maps, so this is intended to bring more variety back to the mode.
  • As always intended, Boss Challenge mode now allows for co-op, with separate score tracking for all player counts
  • Looking back and reviewing CHIMPS in the game in general over the past few years we feel that there are 2 main standout problems. The first is that CHIMPS is unapproachable for new players and a very difficult gameplay loop to initially get excited about and break into, and the second is that the majority of the people who are invested in this gameplay loop already don’t play it within the base game most of the time since the Challenge Editor makes it more approachable. Given this, we have made the following changes:
    • CHIMPS mode now allows for a Retry Last Round option, upon defeat allowing players to reload the previous round before the defeat occurred
    • This is essentially a ‘home + reload save’ rather than a ‘Continue’ and so choosing to retry at any point will invalidate the run for any Black Medal purposes, but still grants the Red Medal on completion.
    • It is important to us that CHIMPS remains a completely fair free to play pinnacle endgame experience, so this option will remain free to use just like in custom challenge creation
  • Maps Menu Search Functionality
    • Players can now search within the maps menu to more easily track down the ones they are looking for, map names are also localized to the current language the player has set
  • Along with this, a number of QoL terms can be used for filtering this search
    • Commands start with ‘/’, and return results both in English and the language currently set if different from English
    • Searching by map name does not require a full exact match but commands do
    • /Events shows all maps with any events (Teams, Golden Bloon, Collection)
    • /ShowIncomplete or /NoMedals shows maps that are not Gold/Black Bordered
    • /Show /AllMedals shows maps with all medals (Gold or Black Border)
    • /Black, /Gold, /Silver, /Bronze shows maps with those borders
  • Map Editor
  • Candyfalls Pack containing extra special items, unlockable with Monkey Money or direct IAP
  • Various new free spring-themed assets and additions
  • New asset tags for Candy (Biome), Spring (Biome), Easter (Seasonal)
  • Multi-stage quests now allow for any stage to be replayed without resetting the quest
  • Arabic Language
    • By popular request and with any number of technical and display issues for right-to-left reading script, Arabic is finally in the game!

This might seem like a lot but it’s only a small portion of what Ninja Kiwi have planned for Bloons TD 6 in 2024. Having already launched on Vision Pro, the devs now turn their attention to PlayStation where they say the game is ready to submit.

Furthermore, there are plans for a new hero, monkey tower, events, an editor, and content-sharing systems. Needless to say, 2024 is going to be another big one for Bloons fans.

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