Battlefield 6 full reveal coming June 9

An official look at the next Battlefield is coming soon.

Image via DICE

The next entry in the iconic Battlefield series, Battlefield 6, will be officially revealed on Wednesday, June 9 by Electronic Arts and DICE. The developers announced the date and time, 9am CT, on the official Battlefield Twitter account today with a link to the game’s YouTube page, hinting at a trailer release at that time.

This reveal date lines up with teases put out by the Battlefield team in May and will likely serve as a precursor to an EA Play presentation that’s set to take place on July 22. During an earnings call to investors in May, EA said it’s expecting a Battlefield 6 release date sometime between October and December.

There hasn’t been a tremendous amount of official information released about the game just yet, though. A blog post from Oskar Gabrielson, the general manager at DICE, says that it will be one of the biggest Battlefield games yet with the company’s “biggest team ever” working on it. Battlefield 6 has also been confirmed to be releasing on PC as well as current and next-gen consoles.

A supposedly leaked internal video from DICE that appeared just a few days prior to the reveal date announcement appears to show footage from the upcoming reveal. The video shows what looks like a return to a modern-day or futuristic war setting with helicopters, a space shuttle launch, and one of those robot dogs similar to ones from Boston Dynamics. The exceptionally popular Battlefield 4 took place in this kind of setting. Following that release, Battlefield 1 saw a return to the WWI theater and Battlefield 5 took place during WWII.

We’ll see if the leaked footage turns out to be from the Battlefield 6 reveal video when the reveal happens on June 9.