Internal DICE Battlefield 6 video leaks online

While it's not the full reveal, it looks interesting.

Image via DICE

While the entire trailer for the new Battlefield hasn’t been released yet, a snippet of what appears to be early-stage development internal footage was leaked online recently.

The leak appears to confirm the setting of the game: near-future, more akin to Battlefield 2142 than the World War II era the franchise revisited in Battlefield V.

The video, which has watermarks intended to identify leakers blocked out by a massive black rectangle and the iconic “troll face,” shows helicopters delivering ground troops to a tropical island. The soldiers jog forward and a massive space shuttle creeps into their vision. The rest of the clip shows typical fanfare: lots of gunshots, several soldiers being hit, and a “fall back” command being shouted—all very normal Battlefield stuff. A massive typhoon or tornado sweeps into view and the shuttle attempts to take off but is ripped apart by the storm.

Past Battlefield games have been in modern-futuristic settings, but recent ones have delved into historical conflicts. Battlefield 1 took players to the trenches and terror of World War I while Battlefield V went to some underexplored areas of WWII. This isn’t to say that the near-future is new territory for Battlefield games, but it certainly hasn’t been recent territory for the franchise.

Battlefield 6 will be the 12th game in the long, storied franchise that dates back to 2002’s Battlefield 1942.