All weapons in Battlefield 2042

Pick a gun, any gun.

Image via EA

Each Battlefield title has done an excellent job of building an atmosphere that truly reflects the era they’re set in. From its maps to weapons, Battlefield 2042 isn’t an exception, and players get to engage in epic battles while playing one of the specialists, the replacement for the class system.

Considering it’s only been a while since the game was released, there are only 22 weapons in the game. Over the course of its lifecycle, a Battlefield title receives many updates, which includes new maps and weapons.

Here are all the weapons in Battlefield 2042.

Assault Rifles 

  • M5A3
  • AK-24
  • AC-42

Light Machine Guns

  • LCMG
  • PKP-BP

 Marksman Rifles

  • DM7
  • SVK
  • VCAR

Secondary Weapons

  • G57
  • MP28
  • M44

Sniper Rifles

  • SWS-10
  • DXR-1
  • NTW-50

Submachine Guns

  • PBX-45
  • PP-29
  • MP9
  • K30

Utility Weapons

  • MCS-880
  • GVT 45-70
  • 12M AUTO