All tape locations in Poppy Playtime’s Chapter 2

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Image via MOB Games Studios

Poppy Playtime sees the player take on the role of a former factory employee who revisits a toy factory that was abandoned 10 years ago by the game’s fictional company, Playtime Co. There are puzzles that are needed to be solved to progress in the game’s storyline.

Poppy Playtime‘s Chapter 2 was recently released and players have already finished the chapter. But there are still plenty of collectibles to gather around the game.

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MOB Games added these collectibles for the fearless players out there who want to get 100 percent completion of the game. Amongst them are the VHS tapes, which are meant to shed light on the history of Playtime Co. and everything surrounding it. If you want to know more about the game’s lore and have the full progression of the game, here’s everything you need to know.

All tape locations

VHS Tape #1 – Elliot Ludwig Biography

After you grab the key from the opposite side in the game, you’ll be able to enter Elliot Ludwig’s office. Once inside, go ahead and pick the VHS tape from the table.

VHS Tape #2 – Green Hand Tutorial

After using the lever in the Game Station, you’ll be granted access to Muscle Memory. Once you’ve lighten up the room, you’ll see a control panel ticking and blinking and the tape will be right on it.

VHS Tape #3 – Rich Avery

After the Muscle Memory game, you’ll find a VHS tape in a staircase on the left inside the storage room.

VHS Tape #4 – Marcus Brickley

Next to the VHS player, you’ll find the tape lying on the floor in the middle of the Barry Cart’s puzzle.

VHS Tape #5 – Jimmy Roth

Go to the large water turbine within the Water Treatment area, seek to set up a bridge in front of you to go accross the pool, by tweaking the Rotate Bottom/Top buttons in front of you then you’ll see the VHS tape on the other end.

VHS Tape #6 – Big Spider/Management

The sixth tape is a bit more complicated to get, you’ll go through vents and stumble upon a puzzle room with a red light. The VHS is just on your left when you entered this room inside a locked switch box that’ll close after a few seconds once you’ve opened it. To do so, you need to start electricity and catch it while it’s open.

VHS Tape #7 – Scientist/Experiment 1-0-0-6

After you’ve taken down Mommy Long Legs, go all the way up Bay 6. Once you take a U-turn across some brick walls, head up the staircase to find another VHS tape on the ground.