All present codes in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

So many freebies.

Screengrab via Nintendo

As players progress through Kirby and the Forgotten Land and save more Waddle Dees, players will slowly unlock more buildings in Waddle Dee Town that allow Kirby to do more and access more mini-games and options.

One of these is the Waddle Dee-liveries and the Delivery Waddle Dee, a building that allows players to input present codes that give the player and Kirby items ranging from Star Coins to buy items and trophies and more.

Players can find these present codes either hidden around the world and Waddle Dee Town. Nintendo also has a habit of giving things away like this over social media. So if you want some freebies, these are the codes you should enter to help you on your quest.

Just remember, though, they are case-sensitive.

All present codes currently available

  • FIRSTPASSWORD: 100 Star Coins
  • KIRBYSTORY:  300 Star Coins
  • THANKYOUMETAKNIGHT – Three Rare Stones
  • NEWADVENTURE – 300 Star Coins, 1 Rare Stone
  • CLEARDEMO – 300 Star Coins
  • MOUTHFULMODE -100 Star Coins
  • THANKYOUKIRBY – 1000 Star Coins, 1 Rare Stone

This article will be updated in the future as more are added, along with the rewards those codes bring.