All character classes in Naraka: Bladepoint

The best Naraka has to offer.

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Naraka: Bladepoint was recently released on Xbox One X/S after a year-long successful run on the PC via Microsoft Store and Steam. This success is partly due to the fun mechanics of this 60-person battle royale and mostly due to its colorful cast of characters.

The game has a total of 11 different characters, all of which can fight against each in solo or trio battles. While some characters excel on their own, others do even better as a team. Characters can be chosen as per a player’s playstyle and each one of them plays differently from the rest.

Every character has two skills, a basic attacking skill, and an ultimate skill. Each of these skills has two variations, depending on how far the players themselves have mastered these skills by completing unique cultivation skills for each character.

To know more about these characters, we have decided to showcase all of them, along with their strengths, weaknesses, and what makes them stand out. Extensive knowledge of the skills and abilities of these characters is integral for players to know which character will be their main in this game.

Justina Gu

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Justina Gu is the noble imperial princess as well as the owner of the Pluvial Pavilion. She is also the self-proclaimed “Frosty Shadow,” named as such due to her vow to bury her enemies in the snow. None of the vengeance is aimed at personal gain or glory, however, she does this only because she is eager to find her family and get them back.

Basic skillUltimate skill
NormalIce CoreArctic Wraith
Variation oneIce Core: BlinkArctic Wraith: Blizzard
Variation twoIce Core: Cold WaveArctic Wraith: Frostwind


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Matari is a highly talented fighter. Renowned over the world for being as swift as a falcon, her skills have been polished by the desert storms. Always striving for perfection, Matari finally reached new heights by mastering a secret ancient battle art. She has now become even deadlier in combat as she roams the ruins like a phantom.

Basic skillUltimate skill
NormalSilent FlutterUnseen Wings
Variation oneSilent Flutter: Rapid FlashUnseen Wings: Assassin
Variation twoSilent Flutter: Retrace FlashUnseen Wings: Group Stealth

Tarka Ji

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Tarka Ji is the Loyal Drunk who believes in living fast, drinking well, and being merry. But behind this jolly self stands a man with a love for freedom, whose indomitable spirit provides him boundless strength. Even if the path ahead consists of hardship, he will gladly face it with a sword in hand.

Basic skillUltimate skill
NormalInner FireBlackout
Variation oneInner Fire: BideBlackout: Vulcan
Variation twoInner Fire: GigaflameBlackout: Frenzy


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Temulch, the Grey Wolf is a great warrior who is inspired by his ancestral legends. It is said that the grasslands shall be wreaked by furious gales the day that Temulch awakens his inner power. The glory he seeks is now extremely close at hand.

Basic skillUltimate skill
NormalZephyr WispZephyr Prison
Variation oneZephyr Wisp: TrackingZephyr Prison: Enchanted
Variation twoZephyr Wisp: AssaultZephyr Prison: Summon


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Tianhai is a warrior monk whose travels around the world led him to discover his true calling: saving the world at any cost. Tianhai’s powers allow him to transform into a colossal Vajra warrior in all of its unleashed wrath. Everyone in his path will feel his righteous fury.

Basic skillUltimate skill
NormalThe Divine BellTitan’s Call
Variation oneThe Divine Bell: CounterTitan’s Call: Guard
Variation twoThe Divine Bell: BlastTitan’s Call: Heal

Tsumichikado Kurumi

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Tsumichikado Kurumi is a naturally gifted Onmyoji player, descended from a long line of Onmyoji masters. She is also called the Flower of Helioth, and she set out from her homeland at a young age to fulfill her childhood dream: to journey on the adventure of a lifetime.

Basic skillUltimate skill
NormalBinding PrayerSacred Circle
Variation oneBinding Prayer: ReinforceSacred Circle: Armor Enhance
Variation twoBinding Prayer: GuardSacred Circle: Rapid Healing

Valda Cui

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Valda Cui is the descendent of a great general. Not satisfied by the hand that fate had dealt her, with a mind full of plans and ideas, she embarks on a journey to create her own destiny. She is remarkably skilled at debating and a most talented warrior that fights her own justice.

Basic skillUltimate skill
NormalHazeNether Nightmare
Variation oneHaze: ArrayNether Nightmare: Smite
Variation twoHaze: TeleportNether Nightmare: Bind

Viper Ning

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Viper Ning is the Blind Blademaster of West Yushan whose blood has long been infused with lethal poison. She stands atop the precipice of all the warriors that came before her with her blades always at the ready. As beautiful as she is deadly, it is said that her eyes shall never behold this world until the time of destiny arrives.

Basic skillUltimate skill
NormalYushan EnigmaTwilight Crimson
Variation oneYushan Enigma: LockdownTwilight Crimson: Seal
Variation twoYushan Enigma: EnfeebleTwilight Crimson: Unchained


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Wuchen is a man of great discipline. He practices impermanence and knows when to act. Even though his blood is said to be “impure” and his energies somewhat incomplete, Wuchen managed to become the Heralds’ secret envoy through his skill. He believes that one can reach complete understanding only if they are able to cast off the rules that bind them.

Basic skillUltimate skill
NormalSpirit BladesTai Chi Rift
Variation oneSpirit Blades: ArrayTai Chi Rift: Switch
Variation twoSpirit Blades: ShieldTai Chi Rift: Portal

Yoto Hime

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Yoto Hime is an impeccable swordsman. Her slashes are so fast that none can evade them without taking some harm from her demonic blade. Her thirst for battle has led her to leave a trail of corpses in her wake. After her bloodlust settles down, she is overcome with guilt for her actions. Due to this, she feels like her immense power is more of a curse than a blessing.

Basic skillUltimate skill
NormalSpirit SlashOminous Blade
Variation oneSpirit Slash: CrushOminous Blade: Restore
Variation twoSpirit Slash: VortexOminous Blade: Combo


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Yueshan was the best warrior in his kingdom until it fell into disarray. Despite his prowess in battle, he was eventually shunned by our Emperor. This led him to face all those who would stand against him on the battlefield to protect his pride as a warrior and support the rightful ruler across all lands.

Basic skillUltimate skill
NormalLine BreakerTroop Decimation
Variation oneLine Breaker: RushTroop Decimation: Heaven’s Descent
Variation twoLine Breaker: AmbitionTroop Decimation: Formation

While each character has its own strengths and weaknesses, none of them is objectively better than the other in every aspect. Every character can be strong in the right hands and it is entirely up to the player to bring out their strengths and make them flourish in battle.